24, 23, 22 ... Our Constitutional Rights Going, Going. Gone...?

Once again Washington is bulldozing our Constitutional rights and foisting a socialist travesty on We the People. Our elected leaders continue to ignore us.  We are under attack.  The battle to “Take Back Medicine” we have been waging for years has just escalated with hardball politics as we have never seen before.

This weekend the Democrats bludgeoned their own party members for hours in dirty back room deals leading up to this historic and unprecedented government takeover.  This is a hostile takeover not only of doctors but of our freedom.

The tipping point was an “executive order” from our President reassuring us that taxpayer-funded abortions would not be part of the legislation.  This is rubbish!  Anyone who knows anything about executive orders knows they can be reversed at will.

Now the debate goes to the Senate.  Don’t count on Utah’s Senator to stand and deliver.  Senator Bennett’s own health care proposal requires non-church owned insurance companies to offer abortion options.  According to policy groups in D.C. he has done more to bring socialized medicine to American than any Republican Senator.  Make no mistake, by his inaction, he is no friend to pro-life causes, and in fact, he has stood on the sidelines as the rights of the unborn continue to be trampled.

It’s time for action, and it’s time for a seasoned activist in the U.S. Senate.  But time is running out.  Utah’s caucus meetings are less than 48 hours away.  Delegates will be seated for Utah’s nominating convention May 8th.

Don’t let Washington take our rights away.

Unconstitutional Legislation

If this bill passes the Senate, We the People will be forced to get government-managed health insurance whether we want it or can afford it or not.  And if we don’t get it, we will be criminals under the law.  Our Constitutional rights are being trampled.

Make no mistake, Senator Bennett is part of the problem.  Take a look at what his plan recommends below.  The American Medical Association is also part of the problem.  They own the “CPT codes” and make money on every procedure we have.  By sitting around that table they negotiated themselves into this proposal. As I always say, follow the money.  Go to www.TakeBackMedicine.com and sign the petition now.

What We the People Want

The message from We the People to the U.S. Senate is:  “Start over.  We want real health care reform with free market solutions, not government-managed socialism!  We don’t want the Democrat plan, and we don’t want a “bi-partisan plan” such as Senator Bennett’s government-managed plan either.  We want solutions that don’t shut out our love of the free market.  We want Constitutional principles and values.  We want to know you are listening to our voice.”

I want to be one of those new voices in the U.S. Senate in 2010 that will restore the Constitution as our Founders envisioned.  The Eagar team has been working hard since June 2009.  We have an amazing and passionate volunteer team from all corners of Utah that represents people who care about your freedom and your children’s future.


Cherilyn Eagar
U.S. Senate 2010

P.S.  We are now less than 48 hours away from our caucus meetings where delegates will be elected for the nominating convention.
Senator Bennett’s Socialist Health Care Plan

This U.S. Senate race has captured national attention. Prominent news sources have targeted it as the Number One race to follow because Cherilyn Eagar is giving Utah’s Senator the challenge of his 3-term life of incumbency in the U.S. Senate.

Here’s a sampling of Senator Bennett’s record on health care alone (not to mention the details of his D+ rating with Americans for Better Immigration or his overall #8 most liberal Republican rating from ACU and how he has voted for pork earmark spending 91% of the time and his defense of the bail-out he brokered saying of the free market:  “Reagan’s dead.  Get over it.”):

He sponsored the “Wyden-Bennett Healthy Americans Choice Act.”  Many provisions of this bill were incorporated into the current health care legislation.  If that legislation does not pass or is scrapped, this bill has been faithfully standing in the wings as a back-up, but in many ways is far worse.

Although Senator Bennett says he does not believe in “federally managed health care,” here’s what his bill mandates:

1. Employers must provide health care benefits to all employees.
2. Only insurance plans that meet Federal requirements are allowed to provide coverage.
3. The IRS will collect the premiums and manage the system.
4. All Americans must be insured in one of these “HAPI” plans.
5. Insurance companies not church-owned must provide abortion options.
6. Comprehensive health care will be delivered at our expense through grants for school-based clinics, providing abortion and contraceptive counseling for minors, in some cases without parental consent.


Cherilyn Eagar for U.S. Senate – Principles for a Change

Fiscal Restraint
Limited Government
Free Market Solutions
Energy Independence
Strong National Defense

… not only abroad and along our borders, but within our communities and our families.

Principled. Passionate. Persuasive. Prepared.

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