Cherilyn Eagar wins URA edorsement to replace Bob Bennett


OREM, UTAH, February 20, 2010. The Utah Republican Assembly voted to
endorse Cherilyn Eagar to replace Senator Bob Bennett at its endorsing
convention. Cherilyn Eagar, touting her 30-year record fighting for
the Constitution and conservative causes, beat all 4 of her
challengers with 64% in the 3rd and final ballot to win the
endorsement of the Assembly. Other federal candidates endorsed by the
URA include Governor Herbert and Morgan Philpot of the Second

In stating the differences between herself and the others running,
Cherilyn said, “I have no conflicts of interest with any corporation,
foreign or domestic…I want to go to Washington and put an end to the
back-room deals at the heart of the corruption.”

The URA endorsement process is very similar to Utah GOP Convention
multiple ballot process.  Each candidate was given 10 minutes to speak
followed by up to 3 rounds of voting.  Eagar narrowly missed gaining
the super majority of 60% in the first round with 55%.  Her nearest
opponent only received 32%.

“Cherilyn is the only candidate that has a 30 year track record of
consistent conservatism and family values that I can trust,” said URA
Member, Dale Herring, Provo, Utah.  “She won’t waffle under pressure!”

Phoenix Roberts of Salt Lake City said, “I am happy to put my name,
time and reputation on the line for Cherilyn. She has earned this

Comprised of traditional Republicans, the NFRA of which the Utah
Republican Assembly (URA) is a part, is an independent grassroots
organization, dedicated to working within the framework of the
Republican Party, to promote the active participation of our members
toward the endorsement, support, and election of principled Republican

The NFRA is an outgrowth of the very successful California Republican
Assembly. President Ronald Reagan considered it to be “The Conscience
of the Republican Party” ©. Founded in 1934, and dedicated to
preserving the American way of life, it is our nation’s oldest and
largest conservative Republican grassroots volunteer organization.

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… not only abroad and along our borders, but within our communities and our families.

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