Eagar Calls for American Medical Association Boycott

Eagar Calls for American Medical Association Boycott

Operation 2010 Aims to Take Back Medicine

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. January 7, 2010. Cherilyn Eagar, candidate for U.S. Senate (R-UT) and daughter of the late Samuel Kenneth Bacon, M.D., an internationally-respected surgeon from Hollywood, California, announced today a six-step campaign she is calling “Operation 2010:  Take Back Medicine.”

Eagar says, “This Federally-mandated health care proposal is not only an unconstitutional, illegal force of sale, but it is, of all the government-run ponzi schemes, the worst nightmare America has ever considered.  Americans must now take more assertive steps to fight it.”

During a recent radio interview Eagar gave her support to pending legal challenges and asked doctors to withdraw their membership from the American Medical Association (AMA).  The AMA now represents only 17% of doctors, yet it has the power to decide accreditation standards and has a conflict of interest with its ownership of the CPT codes combined with the government’s influence over fee-setting for all.  Eagar calls it “medicine’s union-monopoly.”

“The phone lines lit up, and I knew we had struck a resounding chord. To my surprise, the next day the AMA’s D.C. office contacted me.  They’re definitely feeling the heat.”  Eagar explained that the AMA has betrayed the American people by playing the good ol’ boy rules of back-room deals.”  “Don’t get me wrong,” Eagar emphasized, “both genders belong to this club, and I plan to help dismantle it after elected.”

Eagar is asking Utahns and Americans everywhere to join “Operation 2010” to take down national health care “before it gets any more traction.”  She is asking people to throw their support behind the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons petition drive found at www.TakeBackMedicine.com and to take the following steps:

1. Call the American Medical Association in Washington D. C. (202) 789-7400, and your state affiliates today.  According to the AMA, 16 states do not support the AMA’s position.  Let them know you oppose their support of Federally-managed health care, that the legislation is unconstitutional, and that it violates the 10th Amendment which affirms states’ sovereignty.

2. Demand that the AMA stop supporting Federally-run plans.  The AMA has been on record endorsing the Federal government’s managed economy strategies, rather than the free market.  Government management has the unintended consequence of higher costs.  See http://www.chicagotribune.com/health/chi-sun-health-ama-1227dec27,0,4125322.story

3. Patients:   Call your doctors and ask two questions of them:

Do you favor Federally-managed health care?  If so, diplomatically let them know you will no longer be using their services.

Are you among the 17% of doctors who still belong to the AMA or its state affiliate? If your doctor opposes Federally-managed health care schemes, and/or if they are still members of the AMA, ask them to join you in the “Operation 2010:  Take Back Medicine” campaign, and to withdraw their membership and join the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) instead.

4. Doctors:  Join AAPS today http://www.aapsonline.org/.*

5. Doctors and patients:  Sign the petition today at the www.TakeBackMedicine.com*

6. Doctors and patients:  Register to attend the Fall National Conference of the AAPS to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah in September 2010. http://www.aapsonline.org/ *

“Obviously, I’m passionate about this cause,” says Eagar.  “My parents helped Reagan get started in politics with a speech to the California Medical Association about Medicare and the dangers of socialized medicine.  The day the first Medicare bill passed, he walked through the door and said, ‘Today is the first day of the end of quality medicine in America.’ He was definitely a prophet.  If my parents were here today, I know they’d be proud of what we’re doing and they’d be cheering us on.”

Eagar’s recent random survey of 1,500 Utahns most likely to vote in a Republican Primary had a 17% response rate.  It showed that the overwhelming majority of Utah Republicans do not want the Federal government to be in control of health care.  “In fact, 99.2% said that health care is not even a Constitutional right.  I agree.  This fight has just begun,” the 30-plus year seasoned grassroots activist said.

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