Cherilyn Eagar Calls for End of Political Back Room Deals

Eagar Calls for End of Political Back Room Deals
Foreign Waste is a States’ Rights Issue

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. January 4, 2010. Cherilyn Eagar, candidate for U.S. Senate (R-UT), announced today that she supports Governor Herbert’s move to stall the arrival of depleted uranium in Utah.  “Our conservative Governor is using caution, and rightfully so.”

She added her own perspective, “ I’m speaking not only as a candidate, but as a mother of five and grandmother of ten.  Utah cannot become the dumping ground of nuclear waste that becomes more radioactive over time nor of foreign nuclear waste when we have limited waste capacity.  If it’s not safe for Italy or South Carolina, it’s not safe for Utah.  Why should we trust government agencies that have a history of obfuscating the truth to Utah’s down-winders?  I don’t care how ‘safe’ we’re told it is, nuclear waste needs to be stored deep inside a mountain somewhere far away from civilization.”

Senator Bennett recently held up passage of the “RID Act,” a bill that would prevent the foreign waste from coming to Utah.  Eagar said she would like to see Congress take a more Constitutionally-correct approach to respect the jurisdiction of the states involved.  “Article I Section 8 limits the authority of the Federal government while the Tenth Amendment protects states’ sovereignty,” Eagar said.  “The people of Utah through its representative state legislature, not Washington, should have the right to decide whether or not it wants this waste.”

Energy Solutions, the company that plans to store this waste in Utah and Nevada, has funded both Republican Bob Bennett’s and Democrat Harry Reid’s campaigns.  “When I told Energy Solutions that I would not be taking money from special interests that fund both sides of the aisle, they told me they admired my integrity.  I’m asking Energy Solutions to stand with me and take the lead to be the first corporation to end to buying the favors of politicians, what is also known as the ‘good ol’ boy club.’  I’m also asking Bob Bennett and Harry Reid, as well as new Senate candidate Mike Lee, an attorney who represents Energy Solutions interests, to remove their conflicts of interest.  I invite them to join the grassroots in the fight to end these back room deals and entangled alliances that are funding the ‘Incumbent Party.’  This is a major source of the corruption in Washington, D.C.”

Eagar says she comes to the Senate race with no hidden agenda.  “I have no conflicting entanglements with any of these foreign or domestic corporations.”

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