The DC Report Part 1: Our US Senator's (Utah) Out of Control Pork-Earmark Spending

I recently returned from my second trip to DC this year. I met with several Senators and members of Congress on the Hill. The question most frequently asked is “Why are you running?” I’m running because as an American, our nation’s national security is at risk, more from within than from terrorism due to our national debt. The strong always prey on the weak just as we learned in grade school – the weakling on the playground will always get beat up by the bully.

As a Utahn, our states’ rights have been trampled and this solvent state is being dragged down by our national debt and the bureaucracy’s poor decisions and we do not have a senator in our incumbent who will listen.

As a mom, and this is the driving passion within me, I’m running because my children’s freedom is at risk. Never underestimate the power of a mother who will step forward to protect her children at all costs. My passion is so deep, I would die for my children’s freedom if it came to that place.

The charge I was given from those with whom I met was to get this message to Utah: Our incumbent Senator is part of the problem. They want him GONE. And they are taking an interest in this particular race because, frankly, they told me they know the power of a conservative woman and they also know there are NONE in the U.S. Senate.

These Senators are not just on the “right.” They represent a broad spectrum of political thought. One office provided comprehensive research on his record for this campaign. So, my good friends, here it is.

Are you aware that our Senator is ranked in the 91% of spending in the U.S. Senate? After reviewing several pages of his record, it is appalling to discover that he has sponsored over $38 billion in pork and unconstitutional spending just in the last two years alone. These are just a few examples:

a. 2006 and 2007 – He voted to raise the national debt level, priming this nation for the 2008 melt-down.
b. He voted against the earmark moratorium.
c. He voted against expressing that it is irresponsible for Congress to authorize new spending for programs that will result in borrowing from Social Security, Medicare, foreign nations or future generations of Americans and that congress has a moral obligation to offset the cost of new government programs, initiatives and authorizations.
d. He voted against expressing that congress has a moral obligation to offset the cost of new government programs and initiatives.
e. He voted to use emergency appropriations to fund the Train to Nowhere and to fund the 2008 national political conventions.
f. He voted against prohibiting tax payer funds from being used to subsidize Chinese nuclear technological development through loans.
g. He voted to borrow an additional $31 billion in violation of Congressional Budget Allocations.
h. He voted against prioritizing the reconstruction of two Louisiana bridges damaged by Hurricane Katrina over an earmark for the Bridge to Nowhere.

I cannot predict whether the news will pick up on this information or not, but we will be getting this information out to our media list. If you hear nothing about it, you will know why Utah isn’t aware of the truth – the media so far has been protecting him. I invite everyone to join our campaign.



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