"Joe the Plumber" to Stump for Cherilyn Eagar for US Senate (Utah) Campaign with Utah Tour


“Joe the Plumber” to Stump for Eagar Campaign with Utah Tour

SALT LAKE CITY, October 7, 2009. Cherilyn Eagar, candidate for U.S. Senate in 2010, announced today that Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, dubbed “Joe the Plumber,” will be stumping for her campaign on an “Eagar to Clean Up Washington Tour of Utah.”

The tour will begin the week of November 16, 2009 with events to be held in different regions of the state from St. George to Logan. Headline events already planned will be a rally at the State Capitol on Wednesday, November 18, 2009, 12:30 p.m. and a fundraising dinner that evening at 7:00 p.m. in Salt Lake City. For more information about attending these events, contact Shirley Ashworth, [email protected]

“We are honored that Joe is coming to Utah to meet with us and help us spread the message of this campaign: Return to the principles that built the American Dream, the one Joe wanted for himself and his family – Constitutional principles of fiscal restraint, limited government, free market solutions, energy independence and a strong national defense abroad, on our borders and with our families. Joe will be selling his book – his compelling personal account – called Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream.”

Joe the Plumber was thrust into national prominence last October when then-Senator Barack Obama walked through his neighborhood, and Joe asked him about his tax plan. Obama replied, “I think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Joe disagreed, and he became the man in the right place at the right time asking the right question. He completely re-framed the debate in the 2008 presidential election. Americans began to ask, “Do we want to elect a president whose goal was to ‘spread the wealth around’?” Like Sarah Palin, he was a catalyst for injecting new energy into disenfranchised voters on both sides of the aisle who want limited government – but not soon enough. By a small majority, America elected Barack Obama.

America has now had eight months of runaway deficits, increasingly centralized government power and growing unemployment, with no end in sight. Eagar said, “Our current Senator is ranked the 8th most liberal Republican in the Senate and #1 in receiving funds from Fannie Mae Freddie Mac. Is it any wonder that he voted for and brokered the bailout? Now he has presented a national health care plan that would force all employers to provide insurance, designate the IRS as the collection agency for our premiums and force most insurance companies to provide abortion options. This is a Republican? Both parties are to blame. It’s simply time for Republicans to start standing up and acting like Republicans again. Most Senators think it’s their job to ‘bring home the bacon.’ No, it’s just the opposite; it’s their job to keep the bacon right here at home where it has the most value, to follow the Constitution’s limited powers, as enumerated in Article 1 Section 8. It’s time that we elect a senator who will speak out boldly to represent Utah to Washington, not Washington to Utah.”

Joe has been a headliner at conferences, tea parties and similar events all across the country, drawing from 1,000 to 15,000 people. “I met him at a recent national conference of policy leaders, where we were both on the agenda,” Eagar explained. “I was impressed at what a great speaker he was. People completely mobbed him after his keynote address, and he was on the program with another prominent speaker.”

All tea partygoers, 912-ers, party members and independents, every Utahn concerned about increasing federal control and the massive debt both parties have been racking up for decades are invited to hear what Joe the Plumber and Cherilyn Eagar have to say. Anyone wishing to volunteer and help organize the tour will be welcomed. For more info on the events and to volunteer, contact Shirley Ashworth ([email protected])

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