How New Media Will (and Must) Surround Earned-Traditional Media: The Rest of the Rally Story

I reviewed the Salt Lake Tribune coverage of Saturday’s 9-12 rally where approximately 2,000 had gathered in support of common principles and values. I feel compelled to share my thoughts with you.

First, as you know I’m running for U.S. Senate in Utah. I’m running on principles for a change. There are some good men in this race who desire to represent the people of Utah and to put their names and reputations on the line. That is no easy task to accomplish.

However, there are some clear difference between us. I stand alone as the candidate in this race with the lifelong, consistent record of conservative principles. For my adult life, I have been an advocate/activist for causes that have protected women and families, the foundation of our society. My principles are centered on limited government, fiscal restraint, free market solutions, energy independence and a strong national defense.

We don’t need any more back room dealers in DC. And we don’t need any more “go along to get along” styles. My style is advocate and activist. I’m proud of it because that is how we make things happen, and that is the style that is so lacking in the U.S. Senate. That is the style of Jason Chaffetz and Michele Bachmann, and we need more of them.

Also, I have no conflicts of interest or entangling alliances with my clients or any unscrupulous companies. I’m not a career politician, and I have no desire to become one. I don’t have to pretend to be a conservative and re-write my record.

We’re running a fast-paced campaign to contact and to get out to meet all the delegates around the state. We’re raising money during a time when funding nationally is way down and the dog days of summer are still upon us, but we’re doing it.

We are running an assertive media campaign, consistently sending out news releases on important issues such as the Wyden-Bennett health care bill and recently a statement to oppose our incumbent Senator’s vote for cloture to appoint animal rights and gun control activist Cass Sunstein. Did you read about it in any of our major papers? Have you heard me on any major local talk radio recently?

Probably not. One major radio station announcer explained on air that the station had made a decision that it would only cover the top two contenders in this race. I emailed the producer and said, “Since I beat our incumbent Senator in a straw poll recently, does that put me in the top two?” 🙂 No response.

And you most likely will not get any response, at least not for a while. That’s exactly what happened to Congressman Jason Chaffetz. In fact, he didn’t start getting any notice until after the nominating convention, midway in the Primary.

But there is an answer to a calculated absence of what we call “earned” media. It’s called “new media.” You will get the story on Facebook and online on Twitter and on blogs that you will not get in the mainstream media. We have no option but to surround them, as Glenn Beck says. So tell your friends to get connected to Facebook today. Learn how to use Twitter and to blog. Connect with the right people online that will get the message far and wide. This is a grassroots campaign and we will gather and unite the grassroots!

My remarks at the rally Saturday focused on how both parties have been to blame for the trouble we’re in (deficit spending, bailouts, horse trading votes for earmarks). Again, perhaps this was an oversight, but that message was excluded from the news article that covered the event. This is a strong message at all the rallies, especially the ones I address.

Check out www.ICaucus.org to take a look at what both parties do and what the solutions might be. I’m not pleased with the representation either party is giving America, and I have been troubled by this fact for many years. I was with the Reform Party for a short time, and I learned that the same lack of ethics existed there as well.

What is the solution? Our nation’s laws do not support third parties. I learned that we must work within the two existing parties to affect any positive free market change. Big business is controlling both parties right now, and they have entangled themselves to the point of what I call corporate cannibalism that is destroying our economy. That we co-mingle business with politics at the Federal level is at the crux of the problem.

Are these events non-partisan? Frankly, after looking at this Independence Caucus website I would like to hear anyone tell me this is a “partisan” issue. But in this state of Utah, the most likely party that a candidate will become elected from is the Republican Party. I’m calling for the Republican Party to start acting like Republicans – the party of principles – again.

The news article quoted a Democratic Party official who called socialism a “red herring.” I was stunned. At the very heart of this debate is: What system of economics should this country adopt?

It’s not health care. It’s not insurance companies. It’s not energy. It’s who will control health care, insurance, energy – us or the Federal government? Will we adopt a free market without an ounce of regulation, a free market as the Founders saw it with regulation limited to illegal force of sale, fraud, monopoly or debauchery? Or will it be corporate fascism, socialism, a mix or a complete redistribution of the wealth – communism?

This discussion about socialism/fascism/communism is no “red herring.” It’s at the core of the “change” we are facing as a nation. Which way will we go?

The other element of these rallies is: What core principles do we hold in common as a society? With what do we agree?
Do we agree that that government does it best? That government should control our lives? That government should sink into endless deficit spending and debt that not even our grandchildren can get out of? That government should continue printing worthless monopoly money and perhaps back it with water? 🙂

Our Federal government is the biggest monopoly of them all. Too bad we can use anti-trust laws against it. As all monopolies go, it is unresponsive to the free market, bogged down with endless bureaucracy, fraud, and waste and expensive. Is that what we want together as a nation?

The Federal government already funds Utah’s budget about 50%. That does not include unfunded mandates. Altogether the revenue we receive is $9 billion. That is like having an adult child hanging around the house, living off of the parent’s income and expecting the parent to foot the bill 50%. We’re already snagged into a dependency from which we are going to have to struggle to remove ourselves if we do not want to go under with the deficit/debt mentality of the Federal government. It’s going to take a collective, grassroots maturity to get us out of this dependency mode.

I value my individuality and the desire to self-improve more than anything in this world. It is the essence of all freedom – religious, included. I value the knowledge in this simple truth/principle: Government can and should not keep us children forever, unless we want a worthless, dependent, slothful, unproductive and immature society that never grows up but insteand sinks into despair and hopelessness, and continued whining, just as every other socialist society has experienced.

Just as our own children must grow up and go out into the world and learn to be self-reliant, so must we as a nation. It is a fact of human nature that if an individual is provided for, that individual loses the incentive to provide for themselves. Soon someone else is providing for them, and then before long but after it’s too late, they realize that following the purse strings brings them to the discovery that they have little to no “say” in what they do with their lives.

And that is the definition of tyranny and slavery.

No economic system is going to be perfect, but the one that gives us the most opportunity for personal property (owning a business, earning an income that will not be taken by government) is the model that has always worked best. To keep government from entangled business alliances is the goal.

Here are the links that will connect you to this Senate race. Get connected today and pass it to your friends. We need your help – we cannot run this campaign on thin air. Your contributions are vitally important.



All my best,
Cherilyn Eagar

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