Christie on RGGI: "It's a Failure."

I’ll go so far as to say that I am thrilled that Chris Christie, my Governor here in New Jersey for whom I am proud to have voted, has planted his foot right in Lisa Jackon’s RGGI.  In so many words says Phil Kerpen, VP of Americans for Prosperity in this article: 


This, in response to his announcement to pull out of the initiative today: 


The Governor plans to reallocate the funds to alternative sources of energy, which comes as a surprise to many that thought the money could be used to help the budget deficit.   Well you know what, that’s fine by me!   Let the governor tilt at windmills with a solar-powered lance and suit of armour, to boot.  At least windmills and solar panels would have some useful impact on a localized and functional level, where they belong, never on the level of a national AC grid.   (For instance, traffic flashers, emergency phones, and solar-powered street lights are going up all over Newark, one panel, one apparatus, and no interconnecting copper wiring, a perfect way to exploit the diurnal phase of the day for night lighting, that can’t be taken out by sabotage or accident or the efforts of a random individual.)   Now the Sierra Club of New Jersey (hacks to a person) can’t grouse about any perceived underfunding of renerable energy as well, although they’ll make a point to complain that we aren’t sailing our ship in the same direction as the rest of the planet.   Double smack by the Governor.  Giving the blues a case of the red!  Christie, 2016 (or 2020)!