I refuse.

I refuse to pay.  I will not be forced to pay for a product that I choose not to buy, whether it is mandated by the 111th Congress or not.  I exercise my Constitutional right to refuse to pay excise taxes of any kind.  Excise taxes are forbidden and their passage is meaningless under the Constitution.

I refuse to obey.  It is my Constitutional right and duty to actively disobey all bills not correctly passed into law.   I also refuse to obey Executive Orders meant to supersede passed legislation.

I refuse to contribute my talents, my assets and wealth to socialism.  I shall not entertain any programs with the slightest taint of socialism.  While taxation of income is explicitly adopted in the Constitution, punitive taxation is not.   I will stop eating in restaurants, I will stop drinking soft drinks the moment punitive taxation of sugar and fat and salt and cholesterol are imposed.   I will purchase nothing that is not legitimately taxed.  I will not generate taxable wealth, because there is no point in generating it if it is to be taken from me and given to strangers.   I’ll keep my accounts as close to zero as possible in case of a seizure.
I refuse on moral grounds to in any way aid in the termination of pregnancies.   Abortion in particular, while part of the law
of the land, is elective surgery, and shall forever remain so at a maximum.  I shall neither fund nor encourage others to fund abortions, federally or otherwise (and I’m not even strictly anti-abortion!). 

I refuse to remain silent.  I will raise a holy stink in private and in public with anyone who is stupid enough to embrace or admire an expansive centralized government.  I will call them socialists or statists or fascists, or communists as the definitions apply (I’m capable of that), I will call them traitors to a free America, and I will do it to their faces.  I will embarrass them before their friends, and mock them before their enemies.  There is nothing anyone can do about that.  True, accurate statements are the ultimate defense against libel and slander, after all.

I refuse to allow the medical profession to remain inactive.  I have friends that are in the medical profession, and I will convince them to retire early, because they will have no recourse but to retire.  I will dissuade young adults from entering a medical field, and the government will hereafter make it easy to do just that.

I refuse to let this new system’s fatal flaws go unexposed.  I have a lot of friends with a lot of elusive conditions, a lot of idiopathy, and a lot of sneaking suspicions.  They will be concerned for their immediate health and will show up, often, at emergency rooms, at clinics, at private practices, at hospitals.  It’s our “right”, after all, to receive medical treatment under any and all circumstances, correct?  We’ll be putting this overburdened system and a dwindling medical community under increasing strain in the most glorious Alinskyite fashion.  Millions upon millions can play at that game.

I refuse to stay put.  I will take my family to the first state that rewrites its Constitution to reclaim, once again, their Constitutional primacy of the 9th and 10th Amendment rights.  I’d love to see the Commerce clause taken from the toolbox of progressives for once and for good. 

I refuse to let anyone with a single fibril of socialism in their body come to power.  I will campaign, and if necessary, run, against any such person and I will doggedly pursue them until they admit their treachery.  Then I’ll see them beaten in public.   I will systematically burn their public career to the ground.   

I refuse to allow the institutions that put the state before individuals to stand.  I will work to deconstruct and permanently privatize all forms of welfare, social security, and mandated insurance.   In their place may go charities (religious and otherwise), personal savings accounts, retirement accounts and private insurance.  These things are not rights, they are services which may be regulated, but never controlled, or owned by the government.  They are instruments which one may purchase in various forms at various levels, depending on one’s individual need.  You can’t say that about any true rights, like life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. 

I refuse to allow people in power any further chances to strip Americans of their God-given rights.   I will organize against them.  I will make it my mission to destroy their ability to affect anyone in the public arena.  I refuse to ever give up on these final goals Amended directly into the Constitution by the methods laid out by the Amendment clause: 
To forbid all government ownership of money or assets, thereby criminalizing socialism, statism, communism (and yes,

Most importanty, I absolutely refuse to hand over the hearts and minds of my children to the State.  I will be God-damned and gone to Hell before that happens.

To ensure that any attempts by a public official to undermine the Constitution are regarded as a breaking of their oath, subject to immediate impeachment, which can result in removal or prison, not every two/four/six years, but every stinking day, and if it takes a fourth branch of government composed of state delegates of stellar reputation, elected by the People and their States to enforce that, then so be it. 
To limit the federal government to a specific fraction of GDP, calculated from the year before, incentivizing production of
real goods and assets, each and every fiscal year.  
To ensure that all civil officers at the federal level are recallable on the federal level, not just within their original
constituency, so that some corrupt local politician can’t escape the will of the entire populace they represent. 
To define democratic representation based solely on enumeration of native, naturalized and American citizens by
birthright for every child that has at least one native, natural-born, or naturalized parent.

There are others.  (Let me know if you like or dislike the ones you see here.)  You’ll notice that each concept you see above is a clear limitation set upon the federal government. 


I credit the Obama Administration, and the Progressive movement that has currently hijacked the Democratic Party, for giving us all a glimpse of what happens when violations of the Constitution are embraced, willfully and shamelessly among a largely unvigilant populace. 

Make the populace aware of what’s been done, and put these criminals down like the filth that they are, and never let them up or in again.