How about a little Comfort ? (USNS Comfort, that is...)

Concerned about actions for the disaster in Haiti, I called Naval Command Services, who directed me through to their Public Affairs Dept for the USNS Comfort.  Comfort is the world-famous US Naval floating hospital currently in port in Baltimore, Md. 

Comfort was a BIG deal when I was at Johns Hopkins, the pride of the medical community in the area, and of Baltimore itself.  Served in the Gulf War (the first one, anyway).  It is also known for its humanitarian missions.

As of 2:30 Eastern, today, the 13th, no decision has been made whether to send USNS Comfort. That would have been Exec Decision #1 for me.

Think about it, a floating hospital one or two days away from a Caribbean capital that just lost at least one hospital (so far the main one in the capital, that we know of) in an earthquake. USNS Comfort = instant brand new aftershock-proof hospital downtown. Who’s running our government anyway?? Oh yeah…