Let's hope my vote in NJ counts this one time.

I voted early this morning, and if you don’t know how I voted, then you haven’t been paying attention to New Jersey politics, possibly the most corrupt in the country, even beyond the filth that they moved into the White House from Chicago.  Either that, or you were born yesterday.

I live in arguably the reddest county in the state of New Jersey (that’d be Morris).  Up until two days ago, there were almost no Corzine banners up around here.  A few have popped up in the home stretch.  A misplaced fear of retribution, I imagine.  I’ve been fooled before.  McCain/Palin had the same kind of banner showing here before the end.  This time there are lots of people angry at Corzine and Obama, for good, real reasons, and I’m willing to bet that Christie can pull it out.

Importantly, I have my laboratory in Newark, NJ near NJIT.  Only now is my business beginning to pick up.  But that’s because people are looking for chemists that can actually do chemistry, and they aren’t finding them in labs around New Jersey.  (Reuters writes just today that J&J are laying off over 7000).  That’s not an uptick in the economy, that’s a downtick in local talent.   The numbers in New Jersey lie.  Things are worse than people claim them to be.  I’m going to have to change my name to John Galt and move to Wyoming, and can vegetables and extract aspirin from willow bark if this crap keeps up.

For my part, I’m kind of locked in right now.  It would run counter to my contractual obligations (don’t ask) to even suggest that I would take my business and my business models out of the state.  I have a nice home here.  My wife has a good job here, and until I was laid off in 2007, so did I.  (My layoff was due to a lack of foreign interest and had nothing at all to do with the impeding and current economic situation.)  But now it’s damn near impossible to find a job that is more than half of my salary since that time.   I want to stay put.  I’ve moved enough in my time, and have small children to consider.  And I did manage to get the company started, and have the lab ready for any actual upswing. 

It’s worth it for me to stay, for now.  I’m lucky, in a sense, but it didn’t have to be like this.  It’s too bad really, New Jersey was for a long stretch, THE place to build a company.   Now, I fear for the suburban and rural families of this State  who, should Christie fail to win today, will have to seriously consider moving from otherwise perfectly good homes in order to make lives for themselves. 

The complexion of the political landscape in Newark is quite different.  There, in the last week of campaigning, some very pointed signs reflecting a visceral guilt-by-association sentiment sprang up overnight.  “Similar values, Same results” in big red letters.  In the dark posters are in the foreground Chris Christie, with George Bush standing over one shoulder.  I’m curious..is it at all accurate to say that George Bush did any campaigning for the Republican party in 2009, never mind any contributions to Christie?  I wonder…have these two men even met?  Does it matter to the people that the Corzine administration is targeting, that there is no connection, even a philosophical one between the two men?

Still, for that segment of the population that likes its lifestyle (such as it is) handed to them, so they can complain and demand more, and vote to get it, this association can only be seen as a threat.   And so the machine that grinds away to keep itself in more and more power, and keeps them satisfied, simultaneously grinds them under its wheels.   But not nearly fast enough to favor those that want to improve their lot.  The rest of us will be voting with our feet I imagine, as it has been happening for a decade, but I think it will accelerate, should Corzine win.

So here’s hoping that Christie fights corruption, takes on the special interest, cut taxes, limits government, all that groovy stuff that Republicans say they’ll do.    Because NJ can expect to be squeezed and squelched into oblivion. 

It’s that important this time.  Vote Christie.