How I'm going to play Indoctrination Tuesday.

Because I have my own company, my very impressionable elder daughter, 6, will officially be going on a “Take Your Daughter To Work Day”, started by yours truly as a work holiday, which may very well come up every time something like an Obama indoctrination speech happens.    She is old enough to understand the President’s speech, but she is not old enough to say no to an “authority figure” like her teacher or the President, and does not have the sharpened tools to employ critical thinking processes (but soon, now that I see what’s coming), should she need them, in order to deconstruct a series of statements to determine whether or not they ring true.  She is OUT Tuesday.

My younger daughter, 2 1/2, goes to a private daycare chain, and is pre-K.  I do not know if they plan on spending the day with our President, but I suspect that even if they do drill her for a day it will go in one ear and out the other.  She cannot write, or spell, and she doesn’t like watching anything that isn’t a cartoon.   She may even think that Barack Obama is D.J.Lance, from Yo Gabba Gabba (A Noggin show we don’t let our children watch, because it’s poorly written), without the orange jump suit.  She is IN Tuesday. 

Admittedly, I’m looking for an opportunity to jump down the throat of these people if they do try to push the speech.  Children not yet old enough to to effectively question a series of statements shouldn’t be exposed to politics.  Children not yet old enough to produce a counter-argument should be prepped in advance, ready to openly criticize the President’s speech the moment it’s over.  Unfortunately I don’t have a child onl enough to do that yet.  But I’ll be damned if my first-grader’s first homework assignment is written by our current President.  If I wanted that, I’d move to Venezuela.

And by the way, here’s the ultimate tell that this is a liberal agenda that’s being pushed, for those of you who say this is no biggie.  Parents were deliberately circumvented.  A speech given by a politician, complete with a lesson plan designed to ensure that the message sticks, is what’s being provided here, all coordinated with public educators, active members of their Union, one of the largest Democrat voting blocs in History. 

If Barack Obama simply wanted to encourage children to do well in school (for their own individual sake, not the government’s) he would have pre-recorded the speech, he would have made it available to children through their parents before the school year started, he would have dispensed with the “captive audience” tactics, and he would have left the “lesson plan” out entirely.  Period.