TEA Party, Morristown NJ ~ 1500 strong same as last time.

About 1500 in Morristown, NJ, same as last time.  Better than expected, I’d say.  A much broader spectrum of race and age this time.  It may be because this particular event was held on a Saturday, not on a weekday, like April 15 when everyone was working for fighting to get their taxes in.  Let’s not minimize the gravity of that.

Neither the Republican nor the Democratic candidate for governor of NJ showed up.  The Libertarian candidate did.  Score for him.

We’ll see how much media coverage it gets in the wake of Sarah Palin’s decision to step down.   Payne from FOX gave a rousing speech!  Matt Perez, the Cuban immigrant, who has been on the Glenn Beck show on the citizen shows gave another fantastic speech. 

Enjoy fireworks tonight.