Gavin Schmidt write a AGW hit piece...on his own side!

The Fox News article is found here:


And I quote:

Sometimes researchers are citing a potential connection to global warming to get noticed, he says, and sometimes journalists are focusing on that connection to make the story more compelling. “There’s a bit of a backlash amid people who have a brain,” says Schmidt.

You know, those crazy people they call deniers, like me.  Now, Dr. Schmidt makes a point to say that as a climate modeler he believes that the Earth is indeed warming, and it is doing so specifically because of human activity.  But then he happily goes on to knock down five of the most poorly constructed arguments that might lead to a claim a person might hear to suggest that AGW is real.    You’ll all recognize most of them as the main cudgels in the silencing of AGW critics, and the basis for the.


By the way, one example of studies NOT mentioned is the increasing CO2 levels over Mauna Kea, HI.  He doesn’t mention it because like me, I believe to be sound work.  It’s the journalistic hype and the political agendizing that is the current problem.  What remains to be seen is the underlying cause of that increase, and also what impact that increase really has.  I maintain that, the reasons, the mechanism and the total impact have never truly been approached. 

Thanks to people like Al Gore, and the media that love them so, that careful scientific investigation was stopped at a critical time, in a way policitally advantageous to people who seek undue control over other people.  There was just enough information out there, all ominous, to shift policital power.  I believe that will change when scientists start taking back their science.