Skanderbeg at the ICCC

First let me point out the Global Warming Petition, which I and my wife have signed.   (You’ll find my wife Alexandra and I on the first and second line of the names under D.)  We are a professional chemist and biochemist, respectively.  If you think I’m pissed off about the AGW, stay away from the Doctress, she’ll rip out make you eat your own liver!  If you have any qualifications at all to sign this petition as a scientist of any kind at all, please find the petition at:


I can’t overstress the potential of the work that could come out of this conference.  Lavish the goods on us, Skanderbeg!  

I’m looking for more juicy tidbits in the way of photochemistry, lightning-induced chemistry, and chemical/biochemical rate kinetics this time around.  Looking for a good model on the evolution/de-devolution of clouds (very difficult, but all important).  Well defined chemistry and physics of the atmosphere and biosphere.  Red meat!

For laypeople, I say take the plunge and dig in!  I recommend the website from the March conference,


which is still evolving, apparently.  A website for today’s conference doesn’t seem to be up yet.


There are more videos and Powerpoint presentations and *.pdf files than the last time I looked.   Great scientists have great integrity and are extremely careful about what they say and the manner in which they say it.  The telltale sign of good work here is that they are taking the time to check every last detail and ensure its veracity before making it available to their community and the interested public.

It’s a real disadvantage against people like Al Gore, who spend their efforts “getting ahead of an issue” and “framing the argument”, “establishing a consensus opinion” or “declaring the issue closed” thereby capturing an early propganda advantage.  That sort of despicable tactic doesn’t register in the mind of true scientist.  It’s all meaningless in the face of what actually is.  Of course the true scientist has time, truth, and physical reality on his side…  the Sound versus the Strong. 

Do the homework, struggle through the math, demonstrate in your own mind that it’s accurate, see what it might be lacking.  You’ll find there are many branches of science and math that are brough to bear on the website.  Help yourselves understand.  And speak up if you see an error.  Or can’t follow a train of thought.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Unlike the IPCC, and Al Gore, we/they won’t mind.  And you’re more likely to get a rational, enthusiastic response.

Remember, the slow blade penetrates the shield. 

(I think the Dune ref is particularly fitting when it comes to the environment, nicht wahr?)