New Jersey Gubernatorial Primary Today! - Christie, Lonegan, Merkt

You’re all welcome to compare and contrast the leading candidates for today’s Republican Primary for the upcoming election of Governor of New Jersey.    If you live in New Jersey, vote!  



Personally, I’m on board with just about everything I see on the Republican websites.  Steve Lonegan is Mayor of Bogota, (surrounded by Hackensack, Teaneck, and the Ridgefields) Chris Christie is former US District Attorney for the district of New Jersey.  Rick Merkt is a current State Assemblyman, and bills himself as the only condidate with State level experience.  All have real NJ-level experience although it’s from different directions.  I think Lonegan’s a little more clear on specific issues, like Kelo v. New London, but I also think his attack ads are more negative.   Accordingly, it seems to be a bit of a horse race between Christie and Lonegan.  

I haven’t seen much of Merkt on any front on the TV, and there appears to be no direct website, although one can Google “Merkt Governor NJ”, or something similar, and get decent infomation on the current NJ Assemblyman.  Despite whatever differences, I think most people in the state would be happy to have first and second place run as Gov. /Lt Gov. rather than losing their man in this primary.  I’d vote for any Republican ticket in the state of New Jersey if it means we can “Dump the Democrats” as my late Uncle Pat would write on a big sign in front of his house every four years. 

I get the sensation that Republican involvement will greatly outpace Democrats today, but only because Jon Corzine is going up against three apparently very minor players, and therefore goes unchallanged, typical for a rich Democratic incumbent.  There’s no room for complacency here.

Pick a Republican, and back the winner!

Let the litmus test for 2010 begin!