So, pink boxers are like corduroy pillows...

They’re making headlines.


Do I recall the image attracting some mockery a day or so ago among the more cynical ranks of our country?

Well, The Republican holdover Mr. Robert (“William”) Gates appreicates the image before us.   “…special kind of courage”, and “innovative psychological warfare” for fighting Taliban in pink boxers, indeed!  I’ll go further and say that a teen from Texas wearing “I love NY” on his tuckus must bespeak a love of the whole of the USA, not just his own home state.   I see a new regimental flag in the making, a Code Pink I can live with!

I’d also like to point out a more pertinent observation of the photo, namely the incredibly rough terrain laid out before these men on the line of defense in Eastern Afghanistan.  I’ll bet it’s like that everywhere in the region.  If you ever wondered why the war in Iraq went so much more quickly on the Mesopotamian plain, and why terrorists are so elusive in Afghanistan, now you imagine why.

Unlike Mr. Gates I don’t ever expect to be going to Afghanistan.  I would however be happy to treat Specialist Boyd to a drink of his choice, and shake the hand of the man, if he comes through New York City.  Dressed any way he wants.