The recent collapse of Tropical Storm activity.


I’ll wager the irony is not lost on the doctoral student in meteorolgy from Florida, the erstwhile Dr. Maue.  Tropical storm activity worldwide has completely collapsed, by any measure, although his statistics bear some semblence of mathematical rigor.   He bothers to gauge cumulative cyclone energy rather than rely on the digital staccato of the annual named-storms lists. 

A more layman-friendly illustration of Altantic hurricane seasons, and how they have been fading fast since Katrina, can be found in the internet weather websites.  Sites like intellicast.com and weather.com have hurricane summaries spanning several years, and they have reluctantly been putting up their data these last few years, as late as possible because they ain’t jiving with the apocolyptic messages from Hansen (of NASA) and Gore (of the UN).

Because it’s a particular pet peeve of mine that I’ve stated in the past (like, Redstate 2.0 and earlier, sorry no link, although the authors might have an archive), one should go on a website and see the dramatic downturn in activity and peak storm energies in the last three years, and remember that the practice of assigning names to the “Subtropical Storm” began just then.  I’ll go ahead and reiterate my original claim that this was “moving the goalposts”, with a view to padding the named-storm list for those particularly bad statisticians that love to lump Cat1 (yes, and now Sub-Cat1) and Cat5 hurricanes together.  All for the purpose of “proving” the link between CO2 levels, hurricanes, and human actiivity.  Now there isn’t even a weak correlation between increasing hurricane activity and rising CO2 levels.

The upstart from Florida makes a better case for relating this activity collapse to La Nina, an altogether non-AGW function of normal weather cycles.  Our higher educational systems are not yet dead!

 I believe Al Gore knows his “indisputable facts” are a house of cards (well-shielded still, with his fat behind and a legion of well-funded liars), and yet he continues a push for legislation to satisfy a far left agenda, based on this and related notions…and that’s what constitutes this as fraud… 

Once again I call fraud on Al Gore, I call those who are funded by him and the IPCC, complicit in the fraud, and those who blindly follow them as useful idiots.