Hey Al, the Committee called.

Today is the 28th of October, 2008. I have 3 inches of snow on the ground and the roads where I live in north New Jersey, and I am scarely more than an hour west from NYC andless than 1000 ft above sea level. My inlaws live 20 minutes south of me. They had two inches of snow by time the heavy rain we were getting converted to 100% snow by 10 AM.

We have never seen pre-November snow here in the past eight years that I have lived here. I think once we might have had freezing rain, an altogether different phenomenon.

The snow was wet, especially because it came after a rain. The snow has become completely dry, by now. The weight of the wet snow, and the dry snow sticking to it now is considerable. The leaves are not yet off the trees in many cases around here. Many of the shrubs in my front yard are completely bowed to the ground. I have several branches as big as my leg coming down because of the collective weight of the snow. The breaks are wind-aided and the winds will reach 25 mph here today. There’s going to be trouble on the road when I go to get the kids, that’s for sure. I’ll probably get them early.

I called my mother in Gulfport MS, to tell her about the snow. She hails from upstate NY. I thought she might get a kick out of it. Little did I know that the MS coast got down to 38 last night, and they’re doing it again tonight. Apparently the MS natives are brusquely walking around in the mid 60s during the day like theres a frost warning in effect. Poor slobs. That global warming is really beating them like a rented mule.

Here’s to one more pendulum swing on the fourth of November!

thus spake Sam

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