DACA: Is it a Christian Thing to Break Law?

Image by Adrian V. Floyd via Flickr Creative Commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/adrianvfloyd/
Image by Adrian V. Floyd via Flickr Creative Commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/adrianvfloyd/

I see some are asking if ending DACA is a Christian thing to do.

I would like to remind some of you that we send parents to prison all the time even though their children are innocent and suffer consequences of having their parents incarcerated.

Breaking any law will have adverse effects on family, whether you’re single and have no children, or you’re a parent of a child. It breaks up family in many ways.

Now, I get it that illegal parents were coming here to get a better life for themselves and children. Many children were brought over illegally as toddlers and America is the only home they’ve known. However, their parents knew what they were doing when they broke law by entering our country illegally. They knew one day they and their children could pay a hefty price for staying in the country illegally.

Who is at fault here? Trump? Republicans? Democrats? Obama? None of above, it is parents who must bear the blame, and likewise their children must carry the shame of illegality of their stay.

I am reminded of the story of David the King. He committed adultery and murder, he was the sole responsible party. His children had nothing to do with his adultery and murder, however, God saw fit to punish David by taking away something he loved dearly to his heart – his own children. The murdered victim had no chance to sir children, so David’s four sons had to die for David’s crime.

Again, we are also reminded of the story of Achan who took the cursed thing out of Jericho. Because of his actions, the Israelite army was affected and lost a battle with the city of Ai, resulting in some casualties, God did not aid Israel in any way in the battle with the city of Ai. Achan was the sole responsible party, and the rest of Israel had nothing to do with Achan’s sin, but she was affected nonetheless. In the end, Achan’s entire family was put to death along with Achan himself.

The point of these stories is that breaking law does have adverse consequences on people around the violator. It is just as well that Adam and Eve sinned, which led to sin and death passing upon all subsequent generations, of which none had anything to do with Adam and Eve’s sin.

So, perhaps the better question to ask is this, is it a Christian thing to break law and get away with it? I urge you to ponder the deeper meaning of this question and consider once again carefully whether ending DACA is really a Christian thing to do.