We Can Deny Either Trump or Clinton Electoral College Majority

Good article for any conservative who is against Trump or Clinton.

I believe if we can identify a conservative alternative candidate to Trump and run on a third party platform, it is possible to deny either Trump or Clinton necessary electoral college votes if the candidate is able to win a couple of states that is enough to prevent a electoral college majority for either Trump or Clinton.

Should that occur, then the election will be thrown to the House of Representatives. It is high unlikely that House Republicans will quickly award the election to Trump, since Speaker Ryan is no friend of Trump and has withheld his endorsement, at least for now. Neither will Republicans band together to elect Clinton. Remember that while it is certainly possible that Republicans will lose in a massive blowout come this November, the House will not seat newly elected representatives until January 2017. Therefore, Republicans will be still in control of the House.

This is not a fantastical scenario.

It is very plausible, however, that means conservatives would need to move quickly to secure ballot access in key states and select a candidate who is able to campaign effectively in a limited manner. Moreover, if conservatives are to maintain any hope of having a foothold in either the House or Senate, they would also need to secure qualified candidates to contest in these states as well. Some current sitting Senators and House Representatives who are up for reelection this cycle are considering running on a different party in order to save their skins from a potential blowout in November.

Just so you know, we do have a historical precedent for something like this. The election was thrown to the House of Representatives three times, I think. The first one and perhaps most well known is 1800 election of Thomas Jefferson. I believe the House finally settled on Jefferson after thirty-something ballots (you read it right). The second one was in 1824, I think. Andrew Jackson had most electoral votes but were short of a majority, so the election got thrown to the House. Needless to say, the House elected John Quincy Adams. The third and last one was in 1876, I believe, in which Rutherford Hayes was awarded the election in exchange for withdrawing of federal troops from the South, thus ending the Reconstruction Era.

I think it’s a very real possibility, what do you think?

Just because we have two bad choices do not mean we must pick either one with no other options available. I refuse to be limited to these two picks. I am determined to follow my own conscience, therefore I feel I cannot and will not ever vote for either candidate.