Personhood Issue: Aggravated Murders vs Abortions

Ariel Castro is being charged with multiple counts of aggravated murders for each time a pregnancy resulted in miscarriage by physically abusing 3 women held in captivity for a decade.  Ohio has a provision in its law that allows the prosecutor to charge a person with a count of aggravated murder if done with the intent of forcing a pregnant woman to terminate her pregnancy by miscarriage through physical assault.

This brings up an interesting question.  If a person in that case can be charged with a count of aggravated murder, then would that by definition, it means a person murdered another person?  Therefore, one can easily conclude that according to this provision in Ohio’s law that all pregnant women are carrying human beings inside their wombs, thus entitled to the full legal protection.  Thus, an unborn baby, whether it be a fetus or a recognizable human being, is and should be considered as a person.  This goes to the heart of personhood issue.

By arriving at this simple, but logical conclusion, this leads to the next question, despite the legality of abortions, is it safe for us to draw another conclusion that even though the abortions are legal, the lives of unborn babies are being snuffed out without second thoughts?  Yes.  My main focus here isn’t on the legality of abortion, but rather is the subject of an abortion, and in the cases of forcibly terminated pregnancies, a person with a living soul?  If one is honest and examines this from all sides of the issue, then there can be only one conclusion — yes in both cases!

Naturally, a pro-unborn baby murder (I refuse to use a softer word, pro-choice, because that deflects the harsh reality of abortion — an unborn baby’s life is indeed tragically ended prematurely) proponent will resist that conclusion and argue that in the cases of forcibly terminated pregnancies, this was done without the victim’s consent.  True, but the issue here isn’t the victim’s consent, but whether the subject inside a pregnant woman is in fact a living soul and therefore entitled to legal protection.  If we agree with that statement, then it stands to reason that the life begins at conception and the sanctity of human life ought not to be questioned or twisted to suit a woman’s desire to escape the consequence of going ahead with an abortion — that a living soul is snuffed out at the expense of its mother.

If a pro-unborn baby murder proponent insists that the thing inside a woman’s womb is…just a blob, a goo, or simply an extension of a woman’s body, then at this point, the provision in Ohio’s law did a great injustice to those who were charged with the count of aggravated murder.  Legally one can argue that since by its very definition, murder signifies the taking of a human being that violates a victim’s right to live — the sanctity of human life.  So in Ariel Castro’s case, he shouldn’t be charged with the multiple counts of aggravated murder!  What Ariel Castro did was heinous and will go to prison for a long time on other charges that carry lengthy prison sentences or death penalty.  But if we’re being honest with ourselves, we still allow abortions to stand, and for that reason alone, we shouldn’t enact laws that allow the prosecutors to charge a person with murder by forcibly terminating a woman’s pregnancy by violent means.

This is why we have to fight hard on the abortion issue.  Men like Ariel Castro and Dr. Kermit Gosnell are a cancer on our society.  If we don’t respect the sanctity of human life and follow some contrived reasoning behind charging a person with ending a woman’s pregnancy prematurely or taking the life of a pregnant woman, but turn a blind eye to countless abortions taking place across our country, what does that tell us as a society?  By upholding the value of a person’s life, regardless of where life begins at, we acknowledge that the price of a human being cannot be measured and we should do all we can to preserve the human life.

Either we are for an unborn baby being recognized as a person with a living soul, or else we should stop charging men like Ariel Castro and Kermit Gosnell with crimes against humanity.

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