Following Up on Streiff's Dairy, "Palin Fear"

I was going to write this as a comment under streiff’s dairy, “Palin Fear,” but I think this warrants a dairy of my own.  Streiff wrote that the reason Obama administration fears Palin is because she’s an excellent spokesman for conservative movement and Republicans who actually believe in conservative principles.  Please allow me to expand upon streiff’s premise.

It’s my belief that the actual reason for fearing Palin lies not in her skill as a spokesman, but what sort of character she is.  Think about it.  If Obama and his inner circle of supporters view themselves as hardcore liberals who will insist on pushing their own agenda down our throats, then from their viewpoint, Palin is an “extreme right-wing radical.”  Radicals don’t fight moderates, they usually fight other radicals.  Obama saw himself as some sort of game-changer despite the fact he’s all show and no substance.  He truly believes he is called to do the good Lord’s work (in his view) — dragging the rest of our country to the left.

How is this related to Palin?  Simple.  Palin is her own man, or in this case, woman.  She entered Alaskan politics on the promise of cleaning up the house from inside.  That’s what she did.  She isn’t just a reformer, but a house-cleaner.  She roots out corruption in Alaskan politics.  It’s all in her character.  She insists upon the value of ethics in politics, not an easy thing to do.  She believes in taking the fight to the other side.  Many people are drawn to her charisma and ability to articulate conservative principles that most Americans find agreeable.  She had the right stuff, which led to greater face recognition at the national level.  To many people, she is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary capacity to do greater good for America.

On the other hand, Obama, let’s face it, for all his intellectual capacity, when it comes right down to him, he is nothing, if unremarkable in the terms of family pedigree, wealth, and power just like…Palin.  To me, he is an ordinary man bestowed with one gift — his tongue (along with teleprompters).  Without it, he is nothing.   However, he owes his political existence to corruption that exists in Chicago politics.  Without corruption, he couldn’t have gotten anywhere, unlike Palin.  Palin got somewhere by taking on corruption.  I mean, Palin could be just another Alaskan politician if she went along with corruption and kept her hands to herself.  Perhaps Obama resented that in her, so he had to go after her.

Obama owed his political career to corruption, while Palin owed hers to taking on corruption, therefore it’s like water and oil.  They just don’t mix very well together.  They’re the exact opposite of each other.  So, naturally Obama will want to do anything to take her out of the big picture, even if she is not running for president in 2012.  Obama doesn’t like the idea that one can rise successfully in politics without getting his or her hands full of bribed money.  Obama doesn’t like the idea of actually having decent ethics to get right down to the serious business of running the country.  Obama doesn’t like the idea of house-cleaning in politics, I mean, why else would he keep nominating persons with questionable resumes and lots of red flags in their lines of work like tax cheat Tim Geithner?  I think you get the idea.

I think Obama saw in Palin what he could be, but choose the darker path in his quest in acquiring power to decide things that affect millions of Americans and changing the course of America’s destiny.  Obama choose to attack Palin, so that he can feel better and comforting himself with the belief that he is indeed doing the right thing despite his checkered past and ties with corrupt Chicago politics.