If We Have Defense Budget Cuts, What Should We Keep?

How many of us knew one day we would fight two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Let’s face it, if we never thought that one day we would witness a massive economic collapse on Wall Street, then it is indeed a safe bet to say that future is unpredictable. So, it’s always safe to err on the side of caution.

It’s easy to cut down the size of our armed forces, but it’s never easy to build up to new levels rapidly should a need arise in a major conflict. I’m sure Romans never thought that one day their empire would die a slow dying death, or that their armies would be annihilated for good. Beware of dangers of cutting down the size only to recognize finally the true danger once our enemies quickly build up to levels where it’ll be tough for us to beat them short of using nuclear weapons.

Our enemies are gearing up, while we’re gearing down. Obama will ask for defense budget cuts, while our enemies are increasing theirs. Mark my words, this is a disaster waiting to happen. Never say Cannae won’t happen to us, Romans were lucky to survive Cannae and other devastating defeats.  Can we afford to wait and find out if we could survive such military disasters?  I hope not.

If you were to ask me what areas I think our armed forces should maintain even in face of deep budget cuts, it’s a no-brainer for me to say US Navy and R & D departments.

It is theoratically possible for us to maintain a small land army with a large size of naval warships and other logistical units. I prefer we maintain a highly trained rapid deployed force capable of deploying anywhere within 48 hours, and the only way to obtain that ability is if we maintain vigilantly a high level of naval supremacy. So, we must have sufficient aircraft carriers with powerful, sleathy submarines to sniff out potential enemy submarines and be able to deploy Special Forces covertly. However, in order to avoid playing catch-up with our enemies, it is important for us to continue pouring tons of money into researching and developing the latest modern weapons, vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and just about anything our men and women need to protect themselves.

Our enemies won’t rest while we make some defense budget cuts, they will go into overtime and work harder to catch up with us. May God help us should that day ever come true.

Sadly, I think that day is fast approaching us, as long we allow our politicians to neglect the defense of our country and throwing money on entitlement programs. Nowadays, I get the feeling that many people seem to think prosperity can only happen if we get rid of our armed forces. As more and more people are indoctrinated with liberal ideas, our armed forces will come under intense assaults that makes Iowa Jima look like a walk in park.

We need to maintain a large force if only to protect ourselves and preserve our way of life. Without this large force, our enemies will truly appear at the gates of freedom and liberty to crush us once for all. I’m not talking about an invasion of America, but eroding away its strategic interests and hog-tying us by going on offensive operations, knowing perfectly well that we can’t do anything about it. Once again, mark my words, that will happen if we let Obama and other people like him get what they want.

Cross-posted at Deaf Conservative’s Domain blog.