Drive a Mile, Be Taxed Twice More

I am not great at writing blogs, so here goes nothing….

America is a big country, so it’s a real must for most people to have a decent car.  We love to drive.  I should know, because I love to drive.  I live in Silver Spring, Maryland and I’m no stranger to riding on Metro buses and subway rails, but I’ll take driving over riding public transportation anytime and anyday.  I just like to have my personal space.  I don’t want to get up and sit on a public bus, only to smell smoking and somebody whose stench clearly indicates he hasn’t showered in days.  But I guess that’s about to change.

How?  You know how it is always with liberals quipping that we have to raise gasoline taxes in order to force us to buy or drive a more fuel-efficient car.  We need to raise gasoline taxes, because oil resources are dwindling and more conserving is needed.  Maybe you hear an occasional statement that gasoline taxes should be raised so that more money can be put into researching alternate energy sources or repairing roads.  We’re supposed to love taxes, because it’s the only thing that’s keeping our civilization alive and thriving, or so say liberals.

But tell me, what happens when everybody is driving a fuel-efficient car?  What happens to gasoline taxes?  Wouldn’t that mean revenues in gasoline taxes might decline significantly as you get more miles out of gas?  Yes, it may mean that.  You see, some Democrats and liberals are starting to worry about that, and they don’t like it when taxes don’t work out so well.  Thus, they must find a way to put more taxes on us, whom they have castigated as a bunch of nothing more than Joe the Plumbers.

Oregon (and other states) is experimenting with mileage taxes. It means you get to be taxed a mile as you drive your car. I have no idea how one can mathematically calculate how one pays in gasoline taxes on the same mileage as one is paying on mileage taxes. But I imagine an average American drives 12,000 miles a year. If this average American only pumps gas once a week, and gasoline tax is maybe 50 cents per gallon. If his car’s tank holds 10 gallons, that means he pays $5 in gasoline taxes per week. Since a year consists of 52 weeks, so you take $5 and multiply 52, and you come up with $250 in gasoline taxes yearly.

On the other hand, say if you’re going to pay in mileage taxes, it’s more likely you’ll be taxed a few pennies on every mile you drive. Leaving aside all legal technicalities like what happens when you drive out of state, let’s say you pay 5 cents per mile. And you drive 12,000 miles per year. How much do you pay in mileage taxes? $600. You multiply 5 cents by 12,000 miles, and that’s how much you come up with — six hundred dollars. That’s four hundred more than regular gasoline taxes. And who is to say that mileage taxes won’t be raised more every year?

And ironically, some liberals are now afraid that we won’t buy better fuel-efficient cars simply because we don’t like paying more taxes in any form or shape. So, if one wants to force us to pay more in gasoline taxes if that means weaning us off oil and less fuel-efficient cars, I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it, okay? But I don’t get it when somebody comes up with an idea of finding a way to tax us more if we drive a better fuel-efficient car! If one is driven away from regular cars to more exotic cars with better fuel-efficiency rates, then what happens one is driven away from BOTH types of cars?

You know how it is we often say that in politics, America truly gets what she deserves when she elects leaders like Democrats and President-elect Obama? It’s true. We get leaders we rightfully deserve, good or bad. Heaven forbid we find ways to reduce tax burdens on ordinary Joe the Plumbers, because that would mean the end of world for many social elites and Democratic leaders.

Maybe it’s time for us to buy a bike and do it old-fashioned way….using raw human power to travel to another place. But I wouldn’t put it past those idiots to find a way to tax our human legs or bikes…