I have a question for Obama and his foreign trip

I have a big question for Senator Obama on his foreign trip idea. I know that he’s been trying to buttress up his foreign policy credentials, as if that would do any good for him. If that is in fact his intention, then perhaps he’d like to answer my question.

What is my question for him? Easy enough. Why don’t you spend one week in Iraq (or Afghanistan) instead of just one or two days? I think you could learn a lot in one week instead of one day, wouldn’t you say so?

Obama spent an hour of his time giving a grand speech to 200,000 foreign (German) citizens who aren’t even going to influence the race he’s in, not even one iota. Is that wise use of his precious time and energy? Perhaps Obama thought so, but to each his own.

In any case, does Senator Obama really need to travel to Great Britain, France, and Germany? Why make a grand speech in Germany instead of Iraq or Afghanistan? You’ve got reporters following every step you’ve taken, so I’m sure they could cover any speech you can give over there. Though, to be sure, it’s hard to beat 200,000 Germans coming out to stare at you for an hour or so. It’s not like they have anything better to do anyway.

Which group would you prefer to give your speech, to 200,000 Germans or American troops who are actually doing the dying part, you know?

So, Mr. Senator, what’s your answer? I’m waiting for one.