Caution! Stopping Wind Turbines Results in the Loss of Jobs!

This morning, I rode on a Metro subway rail on way to Glemont Station here in Maryland, I saw a strange poster slapped on wall next to automatic doors. This strange poster warned that if we were to stop building wind turbines, that would result in the loss of jobs. When I saw that, I just had to laugh out on inside.

We’re in middle of an energy crisis, and so many liberals (greenies as well) want America to continue trying out different alternate energy sources instead of doing the right thing: allowing domestic oil drills. Now, they try to turn the table on us by saying if we don’t try out alternate energy sources like wind turbines, that would mean no potential jobs, hence no way to simulate economy!

You know, at this point, I’d have to ask a greenie or a liberal if he wanted America to create more wind turbines, would that mean he is willing to accept migratory birds could die from flying into wind turbines? Obviously, you can’t have it both ways: saving birds and creating a viable renewable energy source.

But I digress.

Getting back on track, if stopping wind turbines prevent the creation of more jobs, can’t that also be applicable to building more domestic oil fields? If we’re so concerned about creating new jobs in energy sector, shouldn’t we look for credible, proven methods of producing energy before alternate sources finally become cheaper and viable?

In any case, I want you to sit back and muse on this for a while: if we are able to build more domestic oil fields (or offshore oil drillings, either way is fine with me), that means five or ten years from now, the gasoline prices will drop. To be sure, we’ll never see $1.50 gasoline prices again in our lifetimes. Yes, I know, it’s sad, life sucks, well, at least for me anyway. However, one thing we’re all hoping is that we don’t have to stare at $4 or more per gallon for a long time. But I want you to think critically here: if gasoline prices drop, don’t that lead to more businesses willing to expand operationally and people going out to shop more often? Consequently that also leads to greater profits (or revenues, if you like), so it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

That may even mean creating new jobs! Yay!

The line of reasoning also led me to conclude that if more domestic oil fields were to be built, don’t that mean oil refineries would have to be built? So, here my somehow innocent and ‘naive’ thinking goes saying, building oil refineries and maintaining them also mean more jobs! Isn’t that what we want for our country? If we want to create more jobs and finding a way to make oil cheaper, then truly the best way to achieve is building more domestic oil fields, refineries and anything else that requires oil production to be at maximum efficiency rate. If oil supply is plentiful, even if demand is still high, then prices will go down, and as the result of prices dropping, more jobs could be created. Though, to be sure, it’s not a guarantee, and let’s be fair here, nothing in life is guaranteed, ever.

Maybe whosoever designed that poster on a Metro subway rail ought to redesign it so that the following caption will say: Caution! Stopping oil drilling results in the loss of jobs!

That’s the way it should say, at least in my mind. How about you?

Finally, there is one more thing I want everybody reading this to chant the onlhy thing that made any sense in the last few months: Drill, Drill, Drill Now! Drill, Drill, Drill Here and Now! Drill, Drill, Drill!

Drill, Drill, Drill!