Going with the Romney we have.

Romney will be our nominee. We did our best all of us to get our ABR candidates nominated. I do not agree that there was an establishment conspiracy to make it turn out as it has. When I look honestly at the alternative candidates, I can see that each of them had at least one flaw which easily explains why the candidate failed. In each case, Romney was stronger than the other candidate in that particular area. He has turned out to have more strong areas than any of the others.

He has been gaffe free while Perry sadly was not. Romney may say things he can be criticized for or that can be used against him but he never makes the kind of mistakes in what he says that Perry for whatever reason did all too often.

He has the squeaky clean personal life that Newt Gingrich did not have in the past at least  and that Herman Cain was strongly suspected of not having.

He can keep focused on the issues that matter most right now as Santorum has not done, and he has done it cheerfully, which Santorum has not done. He also has the executive experience that Santorum lacks.

We that were loyal supporters of each of these candidates saw the strengths of each as out weighing the disadvantages that undeniably existed. Perhaps sadly, the majority of voters did not see it our way.

I believe that the process has worked out pretty well however. I believe that voters looked at each candidate in turn and took a conservative approach. Each of these ABR candidates in the end was seen as being too risky. Voters went with what what seemed safest. We may regret that people looked at it this way, but I believe they did this because they really really want to see Obama defeated. The candidate who looks to have the best chance of succeeding has been chosen.

I do not like it that so many of us in the later voting states don’t seem to have had  a say in the process. However no system will ever be perfect and it is too late to change things for this election.  We ought to work to get it changed for next time, but for right now I believe the wise approach is to take advantage of the fact that if we rally to the Romney camp asap, we will have more time to prepare for the huge fight that lies ahead of us.

Like many of us I have known in my heart for a long time that Romney was the most likely to win. Because of that and because I knew that not supporting our nominee was going to be unthinkable for me, I have not delved deeply into the flaws of Romney. I am not going to focus on the negatives going forward either. I plan to defend and support him as much as I possibly can because he has GOT to win. I am thankful that if he can be held to the promises and plans he has laid out we will have a real chance of restoring what we have lost as a nation in the last several years.

It will a day of incredible relief and joy when he becomes our president elect and the horrible Obama years finally draw to a close. I have not a single doubt that we will be so very much better off in so many ways with President Romney at the helm.

I agree with the wonderful post Ace of Spades wrote the other day in which he talked about how people who have put their hearts and souls into promoting whichever not Romney candidate they thought was best need time now to adjust their thinking. We do have time. I got there faster than most but I want to go easy and be patient with those who haven’t got to this point yet.

I must admit I have been annoyed with people who insist they will not vote for Romney or will vote 3rd party in the general election. I am very bad at math, but I just cannot get over my strong conviction that voting either of these ways is equivalent to voting for Obama. Also I am tired to death of hearing people say that there is no way Romney can win, mostly because they seemingly will be doing their part to make sure their frightening prediction comes true.

However I have decided to give even these individuals time to come to their senses. They have about 6 months to wake up and smell the coffee. I just pray that they will do so in time.

This is my first diary since Perry dropped out. I still miss him, but I guess I’m over the grief at last. He will always, always be my favorite politician however!  🙂