Governor Rick Perry and the Brushfires of Freedom

Ok Red Staters. If another diarist can write a diary containing a post mortem of Perry’s campaign, I can respectfully submit this diary in which I propose that though the Perry presidential campaign may indeed be dead, the Perry dream can never die. Perry is still out there guys. He still has the same awesome ideas that can save our country. Others may imitate him but they cannot BE him and the role he will play should and ought to go on. Rick Perry lives! And because of that the hope of saving our country is all the brighter.

Personally when he suspended his campaign, I was ready to move on. Governor Perry moved on and endorsed another candidate. I was resolved to do the same. However within a week or two, I was strangely turned back to supporting Perry again for what I don’t know because I really can’t hold onto much hope of him becoming our next president by this year’s end. I imagine scenarios where he could be our president in 4 years.(these scenarios, in my mind, cannot include  Obama winning because I don’t think we can survive another 4 years of that.)  I calculate how old he will be in 8 more years…almost too old… Anyhow, somehow I can’t leave him behind…Then today I saw a quote that well explains my feelings about Rick Perry.

‎”It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”   Samuel Adams.

This explains so well how I see Rick Perry. He has started brushfires of freedom in hearts and minds throughout the country.  Those whose imaginations were kindled by this man’s ideas may indeed be a minority, but Sam Adams maintained that a minority CAN prevail. And this one MUST prevail. These fires ought and shall not to be allowed to dwindle and go out.

Though many feel that he is a poor communicator, I now see oh so clearly that he is just the opposite. It is precisely because Perry clearly and simply articulates a cherished dream that many of us have that we find it impossible to now leave him behind.  He has spoken for us in a way no one else ever has.

When he articulates his ideas for a leaner and less powerful congress, a judicial system reined in and kept within the bounds our forefathers planned for it  (rather than one which has now slipped its leash to our immeasurable loss and harm)  we find ourselves nodding our heads in agreement.  We share his dream of a country unhindered and unhampered by the multitudes of unneeded and unwanted bureaus and agencies that cripple us today. A dream of a country where personal liberty prevails. Where the federal government is inconsequential in all of our lives. Where states indeed become laboratories of innovation.Where people make their own decisions close to home about how to educate their children and keep their air and water clean. Where my bold, intelligent, and ambitious children will have the opportunity to risk their capital of both talent and treasure in order to realize their dreams of being independent agents who employ others in work as well as themselves.

Perry’s ideas are unique and different. He sees and articulates things of importance before others do. For example, he was the first to note the war on religion that is now confirmed by Obama’s recent actions against the Catholic Church. He says we need a part time congress. We say, why not?  We still desperately need that campaign for a Balanced Budget Amendment, and those great plans for a secure southern border still need to be implemented.  His book Fed Up is a treasure trove of ideas whose time has more than come today. Now there is a book worthy of starting a revolution!

Seeing Rick Perry’s speech at CPAC this week and the interview with Ed Morrissey that is over at Hot Air today gives me hope that president or not, Governor Perry is still a standard bearer for our cause. Someone tweeted to me the other day that Rick Perry is marinated in the Constitution. How true that is!