Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and a new Grassroots Champion.

The people have chosen their champion, imperfect and flawed though he is, to go against the establishment. No more business as usual. With poll numbers out today showing Gingrich ahead of Romney in Florida, it is confirmed that the base is in full rebellion. The future of Newt Gingrich is in his own hands now. If he can keep his ducks in a row and show wisdom in what he says, he is going to pull this thing off.

In my humble opinion,  Governor Rick Perry was the catalyst of something huge the day he resigned and endorsed Newt Gingrich. Sarah Palin recommended  voting for Gingrich in South Carolina as a strategy to stop Romney from becoming the inevitable nominee. Perry went much further and gave the Christian, small government and socially conservative stamp of approval to him. Chuck Norris and Michael Reagan then followed suit, adding emphasis.

Perry tanked in the polls because he did not initially prove himself to be an effective spokesman for grass roots conservatism, not because people did not believe in his cause or his sincerity. This gave far greater weight to his endorsement than would be expected from his poll numbers. The timing was also perfect to offset Marianne Gingrich’s interview. Perry’s statement about redemption along with Gingrich’s intelligent, forceful self defense in the Charleston debate turned a negative into a positive for him.

Gingrich stomped on his opponents in South Carolina, and followed up his stunning victory with an inspiring speech. I imagine that I was not alone as a Perry supporter in this being my first real exposure to Gingrich. I saw him in the debates but didn’t pay close attention. I never saw him give a speech or interview before. He made a great first impression on me. I for the first time saw in him a man I could picture as my president.

Here is a must read article by Dan Riehl explaining how conservative groups are beginning to coalesce around Gingrich and how that can lead him to victory in the days ahead. In his article, Riehl states:

“Mitt owns the political and financial establishment that has run Washington post-Reagan and gotten us to where we are today. For all his imperfections, I see the possibility for a coalition to come together around Gingrich with names like Tea Party, Palin, Perry, Jindal, the conservative grassroots and Americans just interested in serious political reform. There is also plenty of room for reform-minded evangelicals and libertarians in that coalition, given the various factions and leaders.”


As Rick Perry said in his resignation speech, this is far bigger than any one person.  I haz hope again.