Perry fights on to save our nation.

I admire Governor Perry more than any political figure I have ever know of. He is a true patriot and a bold Christian. He changed the direction and dynamics of the primary election in so many good ways. Remember how often he said something and next thing you knew, all the other candidates were saying the same thing. His creative ideas began many a discussion about important issues.

Today in his resignation speech he convinced me that he is not through fighting with all his resources to get our country back on the right track.  He will be out there fighting for the 10th amendment and states rights, and for limiting the federal government.

I feel inspired to fight by his side, and I invite all you other Perry supporters to join me. It does not surprise me that Perry would immediately endorse another candidate upon suspending his campaign. To me it signals that he truly does still want to have an impact and influence in the direction our country takes.

Gingrich does match Perry closely in his plans for our country.  I don’t see us losing anything by supporting Gingrich now. Let him prove his case against Romney. I will be watching with great interest how he carries on his campaign. He has a real chance to stop Romney in S. Carolina. Nothing but good can come of that.