The Gunslingers

There is something all inspiring and Wild Westy about Gingrich, Perry, and Sarah coming out guns blazing against that ‘ole Vulture Mitt Romney.  Maybe they can bring him down out of the sky after all, especially if they get some backup from the town folk. I just wish Perry could get a little tailwind out of all this. Still hoping and praying.

By what I saw on twitter yesterday, aren’t the attacks looking more effective and focused? Hey Mr. Romney, show us the tax returns. Show us some proof about those eleventh million jobs you created at Bain Capital. And what about raiding the pension funds and sending the bill to the US government? Mr. Romney, fill your hand. (I just watched the new True Grit the other day- love that movie.)

Any way I have a question. What chance does Gingrich have with his semi load of baggage and his lack of relevant experience? Can his massive brain and the experience he does have as Speaker of the House help him over come these disadvantages? I have just heard that historically it is a long shot for a non governor, non vice president, and a non military general to pull this off. If I thought Gingrich could do it and if my dear Governor Perry doesn’t survive the firefight, I just might be giving Newt another look. I was fixing to go for Romney but I need a backup plan for in case he ends up being carted off to Boot Hill.