It's ABO, not ABR.

I am getting so tired of this merry go round of jumping from one candidate to another just because we can’t abide the thought of Romney winning the nomination.  I firmly believe in supporting the person I think is the very best in the primaries. Right now for me that is Perry and he is my choice as long as he stays in.

However I have refused to read all the negative stuff on the other candidates. I am well aware that I will be requiring myself to fight tooth and nail for whoever the nominee ends up to be. I don’t want to be so negative that I can’t work up enough enthusiasm to continue on with the fight.  I think the idea that we are doomed if we end up with Romney is destructive to our cause. We must be ready to get solidly behind the candidate who wins the nomination. Is that not our best chance of achieving the ultimate goal of defeating Obama?

Rush says that any one of them is better than Obama. This may be true, but there is another  issue involved here- the candidates qualifications to actually hold the office of president.  I believe in ABO but not ABR. Anyone but Romney seems to be the way most are thinking right now and I just don’t buy it. So from my perspective of absolutely requiring competence and relevant training to do the job, here is how I break down the field.

Perry:  The best because he will wage a spirited, creative, and effective battle against big government as our POTUS.  I could of course go on all day enumerating the many other reasons why I believe he would be among the greatest presidents to ever serve our country, but my most important reason is his resume as an executive successfully managing the 13th largest economy world wide for 11 years. No one matches that record. Texas has a bigger GDP than lots of countries. Perry has dealt with foreign policy because of the long Texas- Mexico border. He also has CIC experience and is a veteran.  He has managed Texas in an exemplary manner, far better than how Obama has managed our country. I have not even a single reservation about Perry’s ability to do a bang up job leading our country.

Romney: my second choice, just because he has the experience. He served as a governor, he was a very competent businessman for many years as well. Competent is in fact the word that best describes Romney. He has run a competent campaign, he always has his ducks in a row. No one else can claim that. He did his job most effectively at Bain Capital.  I get the impression that he loves to fix things. That would serve us well with him as president. Before the primaries ever started, I said I would be for the person who would attack Obama the hardest. I think Romney is already showing he can pass muster in this area. I could not abide how McCain pussyfooted around with Obama.

Huntsman: The other governor has to be my third choice. I know he polls really poorly just like my Governor Perry, but he has good conservative plans in place and he was a very successful governor. If he ever gets his chance to be at the top of the polls, I will be taking a serious look.

Gingrich: He is the next best after the governors from an experience stand point. Gingrich has some of the same flaws as Romney, such as unreliability and a seeming deficiency in sticking to core principles. However he falls short of  Romney in two areas- relevant experience and his private life. I  do forgive Gingrich his failures in his private life, and I believe there is a good chance he has things in order with that now and for the future, but he can never have the advantage Romney has with his history of being a faithful loving husband and father.

Santorum: Please not a novice in the White House again! I feel almost how I felt when Caine topped the polls. What are people thinking? It is true that Santorum would be a better choice than Cain was. At least Santorum has campaigned and won national political positions before, he has that going for him. He is a good and appealing human being, a vibe I decidedly did not get with Cain. As a social conservative, I like Santorum’s unapologetic stands on social issues. However social issues can’t trump the day right now. As long as a candidate has a pro life platform he is running on he is acceptable to me. No one can deny Santorum has questions to answer about his fiscal record. That wouldn’t stop me from supporting him though. He is really no worse than most of the others in this area.  (Perry, of course is head and shoulders above the rest, being the only true small government fiscal conservative in the race.)  The deal breaker for me is Santorum’s total and complete lack of relevant job experience for being the president. Why do we even consider a candidate that has no experience running anything to take the most important and difficult job in the whole wide world? If we were hiring a CEO for a big company, a family doctor, or even a mechanic to work on our car, experience and training would be paramount. Why in heavens name would we not have the same standards when hiring a man to be the president of our country? I can’t believe we would even consider making the same mistake that was made with our current POTUS. A great deal of the damage Obama has done to our poor bruised and battered country is directly related to his lack of experience.

Ron Paul: No relevant experience. Plus my husband thinks our country will get bombed by Muslim extremists as soon as he takes office, if our country ever goes totally insane and elects him. It is a scary thought.

I don’t think any of us should be dissuaded or made to feel foolish for faithfully supporting whoever we have chosen at this point. I scoff at the idea that I must give up supporting Perry or that Perry must drop out before he is ready  just because someone thinks we thereby hand the nomination to Romney by fracturing the conservative vote. All the candidates are on a continuum as far as being conservative goes. The notion that there is a non conservative camp with only Romney in it and a true conservative camp with everyone else in it is just laughable. I also don’t believe that where a candidate sits on the conservative continuum is the only factor to be considered. Competence to actually do the job as reflected by the candidates relevant experience and training ought to be first thing we look at not the last.