with anger, for Trump

I hate Trump. I hate him even more than I hate Hillary. What I want is to see everyone lose. I want to see the whole system broken and bent and smashed and torn and I want it all to just DIAF. What are the alternatives? slow death or fast death. the FBI thing, has all my friends sounding like liberals with their dreams that Hillary will be frog stepped in handcuffs or something. Dudes! Not happening. Or my Never Trump friends who i respec (not all of them, just the ones I respect) who think that cheering Hillary’s downfall means.. what? hint, opposite of Never trump, folks. Everyone hates everyone. Nothing is good and everything sucks and I am so tired of this crap.

SCREW it. I’m not voting. I can’t vote for anyone, even downbalot, we are gonna bring appeasers into office? keep a totally useless senate majority? How many abortions has our majority prevented? Even one? then it woudl be worth it.

What i hope happens is that all of it just burns down and Trump wins and he burns it all down. then we can start over. I hate all of this.