the maniac in the high castle

I’m watching The Man in the High Castle which is an amazing TV show on Amazon about an alternate history where the Nazis and Japs won the WW2 and America is basically divided up itnto a east coast colony of the Nazi Reich and a west coast colony of the Empire. Its brutal and depressing and amazing, because the rebels are basically screwed, but are holding out hope, because tere’s this film reel that was made that shows what is to them an alternate history, but is actually highlights of *our* history, where we won in WW2 and defeated the Nazis and the Axis. I probably am not doing a good jjob of selling this but its a really unique concept and I think really emphasizes what our values are as a nation, even if we were conquered.

And then I heard about Trump wanting to register all Muslims and I thought, what the hell. Does he actually believe what he is saying? Because if he does, then that means he is no different from the Nazis, and I have trouble believing that he can be so ignorant. Not just muslim refugees, which I have no problem being required to register and be investigated – theres nothing wrong with putting refugees in camps until we can make sure they are not a threat. But Trump is saying ALL muslim Americans have to be registered. Literally “papers please” and yellow crescents on their jackets? How do we define a muslim, who is and isnt? what if your father was muslim, doesnt that mean you are too? What is a muslim is lying and says they are christian, how do we prove it? Do we need to prove it? What if a Christian denies being muslim but has a muslim father and embraced Jesus as hid Lord and Savior? Still goes to the camp? how can we tell? In one really horrible scene in the second episode, a family is accused of being Jewish and they deny it but the reason is because the woman and man (who are sister and brother) had their father was Jewish. I wont spoil what happens because you have to see this show. But this is the kind of crazy thing we would have to deal with as a nation and it will kill our souls. This is literally evil. Its not Godwins Law if you are actually copying teh freakin’ Nazis!

I said before that I would vote for any GOP candidate. My guy was Walker, and he lost fair and square.

But count me OUT if its Trump. I wont vote for him. And if you support him after this, you’re guilty of allowing evil to speak and staying silent. I wont be silent. Some lines we dont cross.