Donald Duck

Kasich had it right – there’s a reason Donald Trump is leading in the polls among *** likely*** and ***registered**** Republican voters. So, advice to the elites (including you, Erick, streif, mods) – don’t throw the base under the bus.

In fact this is the thing we asked for right? Years, at redstate, years of saying we want no scrub. Give us a conservative. Dont let teh elite and the leadership dictate another northeastern RINO.

It’s obvious who the establishment wants us to vote for. Jeb. Christie. Oh and now suddenly Fiorina is somehow hot too? what the heck?

And the educated conservatives – the ones like us at Redstate that pay attention to all of it, who have the luxury of time, unlike people like my dad who gets home dead tired and turns on the TV for a little while before dinner, cares more about training camp right now than an election over a year away – we understand teh difference between Donald Duck and the real deal. Walker, Cruz, Huckabee. These are the guys with the real conservative cred.

(And Walker is the best – because he has a real record of being a social conservative and an economic conservative and hes won in a purple swing state and he took down the unions and he took on planned parenthood. Cruz has no record. Huck is a has-been pimping for cable TV).

So yeah its obvious to me why Trump is just Donald Duck with hair. but its also painfully obvious that none of the credible, real conservatives have made the sale. Dont tell me that the Redstate Gathering is the base – its not. its activists like me, like you, reading this diary – folks who follow politics the way we do fantasy football. We care because we have time to care, and those guys have been coasting. even Walker. They expect teh base to be like us. But they aren’t.

the base is angry. its tired. its sick of failure theater and broken promises and craven leadership.

and here we go. the first chance we really have to say here is the alternative, and we are failing. We are failing the base because we didnt make the sale. Cruz and Walker and Huck are failing the base.

How do we deal with the angry duck? let him quack. Stop treating him like the prettiest girl at the dance, the mean girl who everyone is hot for.

How do we deal with the Duck? we say, duck you. Let him rant and nod and smile like we do at the slow kid in class.

BUT we cant say duck you to the Duck’s fans. Stu[pid names like “trumptard” or “trump-pet” or, wherever. i mean whatever.

Walker: step up.

Cruz: make the sale.

Huck: Hustle.

Show the base why you’re better and they will reward you. Insult the base, and then dont cry about how no one will dance with you.

We are the elite here, too. We arent the establishment, but what difference is there between us at redstate (the activist base) and the establishment? none from the perspective of the guy who is being beaten down every day and just wants someone to fight for him.

FFS if we arent careful we’re gonna end up with Jeb. Time for Redstaters to let teh fans of trump have their say. And make teh case for OUR guys. Treat our base with respect and not scorn and we can get them back.

Trump will run as 3rd party no matter what. Accept it. The question is, do we push the base out the door too? You cant banhammer everyone from the party. Try and they’ll self-deport. And then we’ll lose just like we did in 92.

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