the liberals fear Scott Walker

So my lib exgf fwded me this piece from The New Republic (a liberal magazine) and it’s basically exactly what I’ve been saying forever here. to recap what i have been saying first: Walker is the only candidate who can beat Hillary because he is an authentic conservative, governs by conservative values, and actually persuades independent voters to support conservative values. He won his recall with 11% of Obama’s own voters. That means something!! And he has taken on the teachers and the unions and shown he wont bend under pressure, and believe me having 100000 people marching around outside your house is pressure by anyones standard right.

So to the article: 


Walker has the irreproachable conservative credentials necessary to appease the Tea Party, and he speaks the language of the religious right. But he has the tone, temperament, and record of a capable and responsible establishment figure. That, combined with Walker’s record as a reformist union-buster, will appeal to the party’s donor base and appease the influential business wing. Walker’s experience as an effective but conservative blue state governor makes him a credible presidential candidate, not just a vessel for the conservative message. Equally important, his history of having faced down organized labor and beaten back a liberal recall effort is much more consistent with the sentiment of the modern Republican Party than Jeb Bush’s compassionate conservatism. Altogether, Walker has the assets to build the broad establishment support necessary for the fundraising, media attention, and organization to win the nomination. He could be a voter or a donor’s first choice, not just a compromise candidate.

The other mainline conservatives possess some of Walker’s characteristics, but not all. He’s more compelling and presidential, with more gravitas than Rubio or Jindal.

To a certain extent, Walker is benefitting from caution and obscurity. Last year, I could have easily written that “Rubio could be a voter or a donor’s first choice, not just a compromise candidate.” Perhaps Walker will disappoint, too. After all, Pawlenty shared Walker’s impressive electoral record in competitive states, but apparently lacked the chops to pursue the presidency. There’s no way to know whether Walker’s prepared until he runs.

But even though Walker’s political skills remain an open question, there are reasons why he might be a stronger candidate on paper. For one, he’s a more experienced politician—and the fact is that political skills and instincts are learned and honed under tough circumstances. By the time Walker’s wins reelection—which I expect—he will have won three competitive statewide contests in a tilt-blue state, under three different circumstances. He will have done so while campaigning and governing as a conservative. There are very few politicians who can claim as much.


it goes on to knote that Walker speaks the language of religious voters in Iowa and calls him a “culture ally” instead of a “culture warrior” which means values voters will like him but mushy voters wont run away from him.

only wierd thing is it assumes Walker’s only real competition is Christie but really after big fat bridgegate there’s just no way Christie is credible i think. So The nomination is wide open for Walker.