why Jeb will run

He’s going to run. The reason is simple: you can’t say “we’re tired of having another Bush run” because his opponent is another Clinton. Hillary running makes it possible for Jeb to be immune to the biggest obstacle.

He’s going to lose. His position on immigration is too moderate and he’s not going to get any love during the primaries. He will probably win the primary just like Romney did – but just like Romney he will e too bruised from the primary to compete against Hillary. 

We can write the script right now. Jeb will get a lot of media love because he wants immigratio reform. But by spring 2016, in part because of that media love, RedState will have been sounding the alarm against him for months, he will be a trending topic and called evil by Erick. Then he’ll win the primary debates and his people will clean up the caucuses because he will have more money to hire the necessary ground troops.

We already know exactly how 2016 is gonna play because we saw it before.




Walker 2016.