proof that they fear Scott Walker

They have been trying to take down Scott Walker forever because they know he is the only one who can beat Hillary, because he is the one who even took Obama’s voters away, because he is the only guy who can be both honest about conservativism policy and sell it to the purple state audience proving that conservative values if done right are american values (something that red state governors like Jindal haven’t had the tougher job of proving)

So here they keep trying and they are taking it up a notch now that Christie imploded on his own –

At a secret hearing the day before the 2010 fall election, an investigator for the Milwaukee County district attorney testified that he had uncovered email evidence that Scott Walker, then-county executive, was likely aware of campaigning by his staff on county time using personal laptops and a secret wireless Internet router.

That same afternoon, Nov. 1, 2010, officers seized computer hard drives and other equipment from the suite of offices occupied by Walker and his staff. The next day, Walker was elected governor.

The 127-page transcript of the John Doe hearing was part of more than 28,000 pages of documents released by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals on Wednesday related to the now-closed secret investigation.

The documents show how Walker, his taxpayer-paid county staff and his campaign aides were in frequent communication on policy and political matters, and tie Walker to the use of a secret email system set up in his county office.


and predictably the liberals are going nuts drooling about this

Now, just as Christie faces fallout from an aide’s revealing e-mails, so Walker faces fallout from an aide’s revealing e-mails. The circumstances may be different, and Walker has certainly tried to present himself as a less politically contentious figure than the governor of New Jersey. But when the headlines in Washington are talking about a governor facing “fallout from probes,” and the governor in question is not Chris Christie, there’s a good chance that even the most ardent Republicans will start noticing the tarnish on their shiny penny.


FALSE equivalence much?????

yeah but see how they are trying to say it’s the same as Chris Christie? IT IS NOT THE SAME. Christie was an idiot who closed the bridge for no reason but poitical payback. Walker is being smeared and witch hunted for doing his job as the executive of Milwaukee.


But nope, Christie = Walker is what they want you to think. DONT FALL FOR IT.