rebranding conservatism - the Superhero

I am really disturbed at people who say we should let Ocare burn and then people will vote for conservatism from the ashes. We need to do what we can to stop bad things, not let them happen and then pick up pieces. We need to be always trying to stop the big bad, even if we fail, we have to be seen making the effort.


A good analogy for a true conservative philosophy should be the Superhero. Do the right thing no matter what. It’s like a combination of Doctor Who and Captain America. Would the Doctor let a genocide happen to prevent a bigger genocide? NO. He finds a way to stop both. He always values life above death. Captain America meanwhile would never leave a citizen undefended on the street – even if he knew he had to go fight somewhere else, he wouldn’t abandon the person in front of him.

Our duty is like a superhero. We have to do the right thing, in front of us, rather than try to pretend that allowing the bad thing to happen will somehow lead to a greater good. Its the bad guys whose evil plans always have some vague “greater good” in them that they use to justify their actions.

We are superheroes. We have to act like it.