slouching towards a grand bargain


Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul were caught talking on a live mic –

Paul suggested that after attempts to defund Obamacare in the spending bill failed in the Senate, it’s time to make Republicans appear more reasonable than Democrats.

(POLITICO’s full government shutdown coverage)

“I think if we keep saying, ‘We wanted to defund it, we fought for that, but now we’re willing to compromise on this,’ Paul said. “I know we don’t want to be here, but we’re going to win this I think.”

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(I bolded the part I found alarming)


also – Boehner wants a grand bargain


Boehner is privately mulling frameworks to set up a budget agreement with Democrats and the White House, according to those familiar with the meeting and his strategy

The remarks – his most definitive to date – came at a 12:30 lunch in his Capitol suite with a gaggle of Republicans he calls “Team Boehner.”

Boehner urged the roughly 20 GOP lawmakers in the room to stick together and help navigate the rocky politics of a government shutdown and upcoming debt ceiling debate. The meeting was described by several sources present.

(POLITICO interview: Rep. Steve King predicts longer shutdown)

The speaker told those gathered that changes to Obamacare should be “part” of the party’s budgetary message, according to those gathered. There is fear inside leadership that if they don’t talk about the Affordable Care Act, conservative lawmakers will accuse them of abandoning the party’s pledge to defang the law. But it’s clear Boehner is aiming beyond Obamacare to entitlements and a rewrite of the Tax Code.
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so, it’s pretty clear that they see defunding as not a point to stick to but something they can compromise on to make themselves look reasonable. Also, Boehner again signals that he wont let teh debt ceiling be a fight –




Mr. Boehner’s comments, recounted by multiple lawmakers, that he would use a combination of Republican and Democratic votes to increase the federal debt limit if necessary appeared aimed at reassuring his colleagues — and nervous financial markets — that he did not intend to let the economic crisis spiral further out of control.

They came even though he has so far refused to allow a vote on a Senate budget measure to end the shutdown that many believe could pass with bipartisan backing. They also reflect Mr. Boehner’s view that a default would have widespread and long-term economic consequences while the shutdown, though disruptive, had more limited impact.


so basically here’s the layout – debt ceiling will get raised no matter what. We will compromise on defunding. We will get a grand bargain.