a note to my senator Ron Johnson: for shame

Senator Johnson,


you suck.


really, at least with Senator Feingold, we knew where he stood. Russ never said one thing and did another. My dad shook Senator Feingold’s hand and looked him in the eye and said that there was a man he could respect even though he disagreed with everything he ever said or voted. Russ would have stood tall and done what he said he would do.


You’re no Russ Feingold and frankly I hope he runs again and boots you out of that seat because you’re a pretender. If we are gonna have a liberal in that seat, let’s make it a flaming loud one instead of a mealy mouth pretender.

Thanks for your service. I’ll be voting for your primary opponent and if you win that, I’m skipping right over the box for Senator when I cast my ballot. Win if you can without my help.