had a great summer and sad to see nothing's changed on the politics front

Well, I’ve had an awesome summer. Got the job, got the girl, spent a lot of time outside, including a trip to Texas to see some cousins and went wading near Perdenales Falls but oh my was it HOT. And to be honest I prefer our own local Cave of the Mounds to Natural Bridge Cavern.

So anyway I’m just stopping by to say hello to everyone and catch up on where things are. Looks like:

– we are still talking about defunding Obamacare.

– talk is still cheap

– Ted Cruz? really?

– SCOTT WALKER IS STILL A GOD. I read Moe’s rules on what our 2016 guy should look like and guess what? Only one, only ONE guy fits. WALKER 2016!!

oh, hasn’t anyone posted about the Solidarity Singers in Wisconsin btw? Interesting story.