does impeachment wait until 2014 or after?

UPDATE: I ave no clue why I wrote my “graduation” below. I just finished my freshman year, I didn’t graduate. Calling that a graduation is incredibly lame. Sorry about that I think my brain went awol while writing!


Some of my family came up from Texas for my graduation and man did we have a blast!


Apart from the plinking and the swimming though, we also went full political, had an awesome conversation. I often say that we are more mellow and reasonable up here in Wisconsin than other places, but man it was fun to argue and listen to folks who are REALLY passionate and on fire!


Just as with the recall there isn’t a lot of stomach for impeachment up here in WI but my cousins really had me sold on the idea of impeaching Obama for a while. That’s what listening to people who really believe and have passion does – it PERSUADES, and I’ve long been saying persuasion is the key to the conservative movement.


So I posed this question to them and I open it to all of ya’ll (did I spell that right? πŸ˜‰ too – ok, lets assume impeachment of Obama is worth doing on it own merits. Then, do we do it ASAP or do we wait until after 2014 midterms?

or another way of asking this is, does impeachment help or hurt is in 2014?


i’ll leave the answer my cousins gave in the comments, but please share your own thoughts!

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