proud to be a RINO

I just realized that “Republican in Name Only” is actually something a conservative should embrace. Far better to be a RINO than a CINO. (Conservative in name only).


Now I have defended the need for conservatives like me to stay in the GOP because if we do not then we lose the only vehicle we have for promoting our value to the public in the democracy process and that would be suicide (political).


But that doesn’t mean I am willing to let republicans as a group define conservativsm. No way. As far as I am concerned, fiscons who wear the R badge but who do nothing to defend social values and keep telling social cons like me to sit at the back of the bus are more dangerous than democrats because we keep following THEIR game plan and putting up “electable” losers.


So being a RINO just means you don’t want to accept the GOP establishment’s definition of what is right. I disagree with their judgement, I say we need to run folks who are socialcons first and foremost.


that saying that “vote conservative in teh primary, vote Republican in the general” ? thats dangerous. It assumes that the socialcon will lose the primary and it keeps entrenching the bahavior from the establishment taht yeah we will get them to fall in line for our “electable” candidate.

I say we shuld vote conservative in every election, be it primary or be it general.


to anyone who says otherwise – you’re a CINO.

(i pronounce it like “cappucino” 🙂 after all thats what liberals drink right?)


(ok I admit that I drink Americanos.. so sue me for being inconsistent 😉

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