Scott Walker's surplus

this is awesome news but not a surprise for anyone paying attention:



Wisconsin’s budget picture brightened Thursday, with new estimates that show a surplus will grow to $484 million, giving Republicans and Gov. Scott Walker even more room to pursue their tax cutting agenda.

The estimate from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau was nearly $137 million better than one Walker’s administration released in November. The numbers will be used by Walker as he puts the final touches on his two-year spending plan, which he’s set to unveil on Feb. 20.


In 2011, Walker took office facing a roughly $3 billion budget shortfall and attacked the problem with deep cuts to education, local governments and other programs. He also forced public workers to pay more for health insurance and pension benefits, and effectively ended workers’ collective bargaining rights, leading to an unsuccessful attempt to recall him last year.

The surplus this time makes it easier for Walker and Republicans to follow through on their promises to cut income taxes while also increasing spending on K-12 schools.

Walker said Tuesday that he thought state income taxes could be cut by about $340 million, and that it would amount to a roughly $200 savings per household over the next two fiscal years. Details were still being worked out, he said.

This is what fiscal conservatism looks like! And note that the benefits will be savings for every household including working folks who might have voted Obama. This is the kind of way that conservatism can persuade people, by putting its money where its mouth is.

Compare that to the actions of the GOP leadership in Washington and there’s a big difference right? WHo believes in conservatism enough to fight for it – and in Walker’s case, risk losing his job?

Is there any other conservative leader with even a comparable record? No. This is why Walker’s name needs to be in the front running for any story about GOP candidates for 2016.


(via Moe’s post on redhot)