Operation Chaos: It's Time To Talk Strategy With Super Tuesday Upon Us.

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Super Tuesday should be a make or break moment for many of the Democrat candidates or at least that’s the conventional wisdom. Of course there’s been nothing conventional about their race this year compared to recent history.

Several candidates dropped out before the first race after some bruising debates and that’s to be expected with such a large field. Many should have already dropped out due to not coming close to winning in Iowa or New Hampshire as many have done it the past but not this year. Biden dropped out in 2008 right after getting less than 1% in Iowa. History is replete with drop outs after the first two races.

I for one am happy about the number of candidates still in the race and think our best best for beating any of their candidates is a protracted and grisly race all the way to their convention. Think Roman gladiator fights that end with the death of their Party as they know it in Milwaukee this July. Bread and circuses for everyone!

About a year ago, March 16, 2019 to be exact, I predicted in a diary titled, “2020 Democrats Nightmare Primary Prediction and SPAM Candidates”, that there would be a brokered convention between Biden and Bernie. Out of all the diverse candidates in their race, it would come down to the SPAM candidates: Stale Pale Aging Male.

Bloomberg hadn’t announced yet so my Magic Eight Ball may have been wrong about the final two yet I was onto something with candidates with a “B” in their name and their old age.

Which brings me to my question. Who is the obvious Operation Candidate for those of us with an open primary?

Is it Bernie Sanders? That seems to be the most popular choice among non-Democrat voters.

I keep hearing Mark Levin’s voice in the back of my head to be careful about Bernie. I happen to with agree with Levin for a number of reasons.

Sure he’s ahead in all the polls for now but recent history tells us they’re not reliable. Yet he does have the momentum unlike the others. And who doesn’t want to see Trump debate a socialist and put that nonsense in America to bed once and for all?

Sanders is probably considered the underdog by Democrat voters that want payback for 2016 and many Americans naturally root for the underdog. His followers are devout and he has a good ground game with umpteen volunteers, many from his past campaign. He is the anti-establishment candidate for them, just like Trump was for me and many of us. That is powerful. Their motto is, “We Won’t Get Screwed Again!”.

Finally let’s face it, free stuff appeals to his biggest following, the youth vote, and socialism is their fairness doctrine…so they think. They just want someone who can beat Trump and their choices are limited. If it’s Trump vs. Sanders, it should be easy but don’count on it.

Being well aware of his numerous negatives, I still think he may be dangerous and not the best Operation Chaos candidate. I don’t pretend nor want to get into the minds of his millions of followers. It’s safe to say that no one reading this wonderful website would attend one of his rallies but still, Sanders has a huge following. Why and what will they do to put him over the top?

Ideally we should want all the existing candidates to remain in the race as long as possible given the Democrats convoluted delegate award process of no delegates unless they reach a 15% threshold. If they have a winner take all state I’m not aware of one. That would guarantee a brokered convention that everyone but the candidates are wishing for this year. That’s the MSM’s equivalent of a white Christmas, scratch that, a jackpot.

If only there was a way to organize our chaos votes so amongst the Super Tuesday states, we all have an agreed upon candidate for whom to vote by state. For example, Bernie is ahead in Texas so vote for Bloomberg. Biden is ahead in Florida so vote for Buddiwhatever. Bernie is ahead in Massachusetts so vote for Warren, etc. (My examples might not be right if the primary isn’t open but you get the picture).

Anybody But Bernie (ABB) since stopping his delegate count is the key to a brokered convention.

Can anyone with the middle name Robinette actually get the nomination? Doubtful, just ask Joe how many other times he’s tried this gig and that was when he had his faculties.

Sure he got his first win tonight in SC, this being his third time running for the highest office. Not a lot to brag about but it’s something his derelict family can celebrate. Unless Steyer funds him or the anti-Bernie powerbrokers pony up, he’s toast. Trump will make burnt toast out of him during a debate and Biden won’t understand the questions.

My vote is going for Bloomberg in Texas. He really is the only one that can stay in the race to the end. If it comes down to Bernie and Bloomberg, and the power brokers (aka super delegates) decide to hand it to Bloomberg, then Bernie Bros will stay home or even vote for Trump in protest. It will dampen their voters way more than if Bernie is their ultimate candidate. Bernie is dangerous.

Any andidates still standing at the next debate (can’t count on the so-called moderators), should ask Bernie this:

How can anyone in America trust you as Commander in Chief when you applied for conscientious objector status in order to avoid       military service in the 1960’s?

Now if Bernie does end up with the nomination, I have some VP advice for him. Castro of course!

Not the ghost of Fidel his hero or his brother, but Julian Castro. After all, the Democrats dream is turning Texas blue so what better way than pick a Castro from Texas as his running mate?

Let’s talk operation chaos!