Break the Glass Ceiling or Break Glass in Case of an Emergency: The Democrat Party's Dilemma.


A committed communist, an openly gay dude, a mean girl Midwesterner, a senile former VP, an opportunist NY billionaire, a faux Cherokee wannabe and a philanthapist watermelon end up togehter on a sinking boat before an important meeting in Milwaukee. Who do the Democrat powerbrokers toss overboard before their coveted coronation ceremony at their convention?

Trick question since not all of them will make it to Milwakee. It is something to consider given the state of the Democrat race to the White House.

The real question is who will their party deem a sacrifical lamb for their party in order to attempt to mitigate the reprecussions down the road?

Hillary tried to break the elusive glass ceiling by being the first female president. It was hers to lose and she lost bigly to a NY billionaire and refused to even show up at her up at her acceptance party adorned with an actual glass ceiling that would magically give way to the my-turn candidate.

Voters sense when a candidate is arrogant and believes its their turn or that money will buy the office and more often than not, they don’t award the candidate with their vote. Just ask Romney, Hillary, Jeb! and now Nanny Bloomberg and some guy named Steyer.

By contrast, President Trump could have easily tried to buy his way into the White House. That’s not what happened which is the why the voters rewarded him with their vote among many other reasons. Personally I’ve never seen a candidate work so hard and tirelessly to earn the trust of voters and it payed off at the ballot box. He doesn’t take anything or anyone for granted and won’t in 2020.

The Democrats are in panic mode and will have to make some calculated choices to preserve their party. Do the Democrat warlords rig the election or let the people speak? It’s hard to imagine them not putting their boots on the scale to tip the election to their liking a la 2016 style and that in itself should cause a revolution within their base, giving President Trump a smooth glidepath back into his temporary home for another four years.

The party clearly has a dilemma. Do they allow the voters to elect the first communist/socialist or trigger their super-delegates to prevent Sanders from winning due to the reported down ballot concerns?

The party was giddy over the first woman president in 2016 and yet it doesn’t seem that they’re nearly as enthusiastic this go-round over combhither Klobuchar. Two women losses in a row is unthinkable to the party of (non)diversity. She must be tossed overboard for the cause, even if by slim chance she’s able to compete in their delegate race. Same goes for Warren which is an easy toss overboard due to a severe lack of enthusiasm.

Again the party that claims to be the champion of women, minorities, gays, trans-whatever doesn’t seem that keen on Kissin’ Mayor Pete. He seems to check all their criteria boxes, especially being from the much needed Midwest after Trump stunned the pundits into silence until the wee hours on that incredible election day in 2016 by conquering that region of the country. So why isn’t the Democrat party enamored with the thought of the first gay guy to be elected president? Is it because he’s not all that and they know he can’t beat President Trump? Have the voters figured out that he’s a radical in sheep’s clothes just like Obama was? Maybe he’s keeper when he gains more experience and age. Plop, another one overboard but with a lifevest for now.

And then there’s the former VP whose family is derelict for not sending out a Silver Alert instead of sending him on the campaign trail. His heart and mind are clearly not in the race to win but somehow the Party elites convinced or pushed him to run as the most electable and able person to defeat the sitting president. Somehow they didn’t get that feeling in 2016 when he might have had a chance, well at least he had some coattails. Third time is not a charm for Biden. Sadly, Biden dove off the boat on his own and no one threw him a life jacket.

That brings us to the billionaires. Steyer hasn’t caught a wave with the voters and probably won’t ever and no one seems to pay him much attention. Not to mention we can hear the splash from the DNC kicking him off the stage tonight. Seems two billionaires on their stage is too much for their little guy persona party. Bye-bye.

So that leaves the party and their media arm with keeping the beligerent billionaire Bloomberg on the survivor boat for better or for worse. They are runnig out of options and he seems to be their break glass candidate. The hypocritical punish-the-rich party mostly made up of billionaires and millionaires, realizes their only hope to beat the New York billionaire in the White House is with another New York billionaire.

Money talks in politics and only millionaire Sanders has the ability to go the monetary distance for months to come yet his supporters can’t come close to matching Bloomberg’s unlimited funds. Will his Bernie Bros voters accept Bloomberg as their fallback candidate knowing he is trying to buy his way into the White House? Extremely doubtful plus they seem to have more important things to do like intimidate anyone that isn’t down with their candidate and his promise of a revolution.

That famous phrase from Obama to Joe the Plumber comes to mind: “You didn’t build that”. It actually originated with Warren but Obama felt free to plagerize her.

So who built this election mess the Democrats are experiencing? The corrupt media of course. The same media that aired hundreds of hours of Trump in 2016 with the sole purpose of making a mockery of him and promoting him as Hillary’s easiest competitor to beat were culpable in his massive electoral win.

Deja vu sets in now as it did in 2016 when Hillary was the shoe-in candidate. For months the country was made to believe the MSM talking heads and prized pollster’s myth that she was unstoppable. She believed their dribble too and took the election for granted while her handlers kept the press roped in and allowed scant public appearances, So much so that many candidates, namely Biden, either chose not to run against the glass ceiling candidate after The One that actually did break the black glass ceiling or didn’t declare until it was too late to win; the fix was in for Her.

For the past several months, those same talking heads have been busy promoting Biden as the most electable and the only one capable of  beating our incumbant president. No question about it so the polling artificially reflected that wishful thinking. Living in their own echo bubble, they were unable to see Biden’s artifical poll numbers were simply name recognition alone and not electability. No debates, no campaign stops, no interviews from Biden yet they deemed him the winner a year and a half before the election. It was their desire and they deemed it so.

By doing so, they once again prevented other candidates from gaining momentum. The most diverse field of Democrat candidaets ever was quickly reduced to rubble. Hispanic and black candidates didn’t have a chance in their own “inclusive” party.of panderers.

Seven lily white candidates, most of them pushing 80, now represent the face of Democrat party determined to oust Trump. The Party of old, rich white guys isn’t the Republican party that the Democrats have railed against for decades. They are what they preach.

The question remains: Who will the MSM Democrat party determine is the weakest link or perhaps sacrificial lamb and toss overboard in their quest to win back the White House?

Your guess is as good as mine and I welcome your comments. We’ve seen this movie before and it looks to be another horror film for Democrats when the MSM and the Democrat elites write the script for the voters. Hopefully their election interference will boomerang on them again and their latest desire for Bloomberg to ride a wave into the White House will inevitably keep Bernie Sanders as the last survivor on their sinking lifeboat.