President Trump: The Survivor Edition

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Hello Redstaters!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a diary, so let’s have some interactive fun!

Happy Friday and most importantly, happy National Margarita Day!

This is post is dedicated to my favorite show on TV, Survivor, since this week marked its 38th season of the show with their apt slogan being, “Outwit Outlast Outplay“. ICYMI, the last season was named “David versus Goliath” and spoiler, little David won. Stuff happens.

To me, that famous trademark slogan, “Outwit Outlast Outplay“, describes our president perfectly and how he won the election in 2016. The next election is going to be epic when the Left throws every nonsense reason why they should be elected. The first secret Password clue is: “watermelon”.

In what world do the Dems think they can unseat Trump after he successfully dunked 16 primary opponents, many of whom were well-known and highly respected elected officials (I was originally a Cruz girl being from Texas)?

Alas, he blew the field away and not to brag too much, but I predicted his win very early on, as in August 31, 2015, barely into the primaries. It was a tumultuous time back then. Here’s what I said (short version):

Can Anyone Stop the Momentum of Trump-motion and Bern-Motion in Their Tracks?

I am not a witch Trumpette. I am a political junkie and enjoy sharing my observations with fellow full-time followers and expect disagreements amongst the dedicated. That being said, let the cow flinging begin because I’m nearly certain that Trump will be the Republican nominee. Why? Because it’s hard to stop a fast-moving train that’s gone off the rails of political correctness like we’ve never seen before in our modern history of political campaigns.

It doesn’t matter if Trump was a Democrat or that he’s flip-flopped on nearly every issue. It doesn’t matter what he says offends some because more people are happy to hear someone talk like a regular person and not like a professional politician with some poll tested slogan. You see, it’s not what he says, it how he says it. He is fearless and won’t take crap from anyone. He’s a proven leader in his endeavors and people on both sides of the aisle yearn for a leader. […]

The Big-E on both sides of the aisle will do everything in their power to stop the rise of Trump and Sanders since it will upend their cushy lives as they know it. […]

There may be a day of reckoning for many that despise Trump when they’ll have to make a choice between staying home or voting for him if he gets the nomination. Hello Sanders if that’s the case. I am not a Trumpette. But I’m not a purist that would sit home if he’s our nominee and let a Socialist or a crook get elected.

Frankly, we might just have to thank Trump and Sanders for keeping another Bush or Clinton out of the White House. Anything can happen, but it’s hard to stop a train barreling down the tracks using algae from the D.C. swamp as its alternative fuel.

How did he pull off the biggest upset in presidential runs, at least in my lifetime (my very first vote was Reagan in 1980)?

Well, he managed to tag his opponents with nicknames that stuck in the voters’ minds…and he aims to do that again. It wasn’t pretty but it was extremely effective even if many thought it was childish and beneath the office.

It’s been reported that President Trump is working on his labels for all the Dems running to take his job (good luck with that useless endeavor!).

He’s very good at culling the field with his biting nicknames yet why shouldn’t the smartest conservatives here at RedState help him out? Plus it’s fun!

I’m sure ya’ll are up to the task.

It’s been reported that Creepy Joe or Gropin’ Joe will stay as well as Pocahontas. (All quotes below are from the BusinessInsider.com)

Here’s my opening nicknames yet I reserve the right to change them at any time and of course, ask permission to steal yours if it’s just too good to pass up!

So far, six US Senators, two current and former members of the House of Representatives, two mayors, one businessman, and one Hollywood spiritual guru have entered the race. Plus a few others that are hinting at taking the helm.

Former Massachusetts Governor and Libertarian vice presidential nominee Bill Weld: Smokin’ Weld Joints.

Texas Congressman Roberto Francis (aka Beto) O’Rourke : Falso Beto. He’s Irish, not Spanish, need I say more.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Nanny Bloomberg is well-known, so that or Billionaire Bloomberg works too. The Left hates big buck billionaires…unless they want to take their money.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders: Grumpy Bernie, Breadline Sanders, Comrade Sanders or just Statler.


Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar: He already called her “Snowman (Snowwoman)”. She describes herself as “Minnesota nice” but I think her staff describes her differently. I’m going with Abusive Amy.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker: He wants to take your steak away, shame on him since who doesn’t love a great steak with my incredible bernaise sauce from scratch (minus the ketchup pah-lease Mr. President). Steak-Hater-Cory which won’t play well in the Midwest.

Motivational speaker, author, and friend of Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson: Yeah, I’ve never heard of her either so nevermind wasting a nickname on the Magic Ball Marianne.

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg: Too many butt jokes so I refrain from nicknaming him Sillywalk Pete.


California Senator Kamala Harris: Easy…Kamrade Kamala from the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, aka Jail ‘Em Kamala or as a poster during her announcement said, “Copala”.

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: No-Brand Gillibrand. ZZZZzzzzz.

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro: Just Castro will do given the presidents State of the Union speech on creeping socialism, unless DUH Castro works better for those with a mirror.

Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard: Call me crazy but I think she’s the dark horse to win the primary. Meanwhile, he should promote her with Tenacious Tulsi. Classy since she proudly served our country (plus I was born in Hawaii thanks to my career Navy Dad).

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang: He wants a $1,000 BMI for all Americans (Basic Monthly Income). D’MAGA Yang as in Don’t Make America Great Again Yang or shorter, Dang Yang.

Former Maryland Representative John Delaney: Delaney Come Early since,

Former Maryland Representative John Delaney was the first major Democrat to declare a presidential bid. Delaney, who was a US representative from 2013 to 2019, announced his decision to run on July 28, 2017.

The early bird won’t get the worm this time around.

Howard Shultz: Starbucks Extraordinaire. This one needs your help since I really want him to enter the race and he seems to be on the fence. Is he All Hat and No Coffee Howard? Trump has already taunted him saying he’s too cowardly to run. Shultz said he won’t enter the race if a moderate runs…LMAO given the field so far! My bucks are with Trump.

Surely I’m missing some of the soon-to-be-forgotten candidates, two years before the election.

By the way, this season’s Survivor theme is, “Edge of Extinction“, which is exactly where the Dems belong in 2020 and beyond.

Got some pithy nicknames for President Trump to narrow the field?

Please opine and check out my other work here. Thank you RedStaters for all of your support along my journey here at a truly great website.

Cheers, checkmate2012 😉