Elections Have Consequences...Unless Republicans Win.

Flashback: Three days after Obama was inaugurated in 2009, he looked the Minority Leader Mitch McConnell squarely in the eye and declared, “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” For the next two years, he and his Democrat Congressional majority ruled America with a heavy hand with zero regard for the minority party’s wishes.   

Republican Mantra Flashback: Give us the House and we’ll stop Obama! Voters handed Republicans control of the House in 2010 but nothing happened.

We can’t do anything without the Senate they cried. Give us the Senate and we’ll really stop Obama! Voters did so in 2014 and again, not much happened.

So they said again, we were wrong. We’re powerless without the White House so give us the White House and we promise to stop and reverse Obama’s agenda and enact good legislation for this country. Once again, the voters listened and delivered the 2016 results that the Republicans pleaded for years.

And yet here we sit on the edge of our seats and watch the thorough destruction of a good, decent and honorable man nominated for the highest court, even though Republicans hold all the cards and earned the right to appoint people to the courts.

How can this happen? Yes, we have a slim margin in the Senate, but there isn’t one good reason why every Republican shouldn’t be counted on to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

During this whole confirmation process, the Democrats have taken political hostage of the Senate and turned our rule of law upside down, along with the Constitutional mandate of advise and consent. They have made a mockery of the Senate where decorum used to mean acting like polite adults. No lawful charge against the good judge that he can defend against. No presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Just a vague letter from his accuser and a hearing that produced no evidence of her charge and even less details of the supposed grinding episode whereby no one was actually physically harmed.

And now with the hatred-filled Flake and some of our weakest Republicans, they have aided and abetted the hostage takers and given in to mob rule. The Democrats have acted like terrorists and allowed this decent man’s reputation to be blown up like a suicide bomber that is completely expendable for their greater goals.

Over the top? I don’t think so since this is what the Democrats have done to nearly every Supreme Court nominee for decades. And each time, the Republicans allow this inexcusable behavior to continue, usually to the point where the nominee withdraws his name and/or the President pulls their nomination to appease the Democrats.

This is the time to draw the line in the sand. This is the hill to die on to get this man confirmed. We can not let the Democrats destroy every nomination they don’t like by using their standard playbook of last minute sexual harassment charges against innocent men or women now or in the future. Of course, it’s easy to understand their tactic and their continued use of it because it’s worked for them! It’s time to end this play from ever being executed again.

Yet, once again, the Republicans caved again to their hostage takers to allow another FBI investigation. I certainly didn’t expect Trump or McConnell would succomb to their demands but they seemingly had to in order to seat Kavanaugh being that the request came from a flaky traitor on our side.

My hope is that since this has been granted, much like giving cash and an airplane to a hostage taker to escape, that more than one FBI investigation is demanded in return. Investigate Christine Ford and her so-called witnesses along with the other two accusers and prosecute all of them if they made false claims under oath.

But most importantly, investigate Diane Feinstein, her staff and any others who were in possession of Ford’s confidential letter to Feinstein to find out who leaked it to the press. It’s against Senate Rules for a Senator or their staff to leak confidential information being considered by a committee to the press. And then expel the culprit post haste.

As Sean Davis tweeted last week, 

‏Sean Davis

Verified account

Sep 23

That Senate Rule, which was passed following a special counsel investigation of Senate leaks of confidential information about Anita Hill, calls for expulsion of any Senators or staff who violate the ban on leaks of confidential committee information. https://www.rules.senate.gov/rules-of-the-senate …

Then maybe some justice can come out of this unjust treatment by the hostage taking Senators that act like 2 year old children when they don’t get their way.

There’s a reason our country doesn’t negotiate with terrorists because their demands never end once we give in. The Democrats won’t end with a limited FBI investigation. There will be more demands to stall the vote until Judge Kavanaugh withdraws his name or we lose Congress come November. Let’s pray he can stay as strong as he was yesterday during the Senate hearing and continues to fight for his stellar reputation.

Obama was right. Elections do have consequences but only when Democrats win elections. We’ve descended into the rabbit hole from Alice In Wonderland where no matter how many centers of powers Republicans hold, they still manage to be led and dragged by the minority party of donkey asses like a bull with a nose ring.